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WCG Ultimate Gamer EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Are You Ready To Rock?
    Twelve of the top gamers from around the country arrive to compete for the title of ultimate gamer. After a short meet and greet with one another, they are joined at the apartment by hosts Hannah Simone and Joel Gourdin. They learn that the first game of the competition will be Rock Band 2. In Rock Band 2 players live out their rock star fantasies by playing in a virtual band, using controllers modeled after real instruments. The group then learns that life will be imitating art in their first "real life challenge," as they learn how to play an actual guitar. The gamers divide into three bands and learn the hit song "New Kid in School" by The Donnas. After learning the tune they perform at The Box Theater in front of a live audience and The Donnas judge them on their abilities and showmanship.

  • Kicking And Screaming
    Still reeling from the excitement of their last competition, the gamers learn that their next challenge will be based on the game Virtua Fighter 5. Virtua Fighter 5 is a game where gamers use real world fighting strategies to physically take down their opponents. With this game, the keys to success are a player's strategies and quick reflexes. For the real life challenge, host Hannah Simone and Master Liu, a martial arts expert who serves as a judge for the challenge, meet the gamers in an abandoned warehouse. Players have to successfully complete a combat course in which they must break every single board throughout the maze in order to score. The gamers are split into two teams and each will take turns bidding to see how fast two of their players can make it through the obstacle course. The bidding ends when one team challenges another team's bid. If a team bids correctly, they will gain two points. If not, the other team gets one point. The first team to reach seven points wins.

  • Shut Up And Drive
    Much to the surprise of Geoff and the other gamers, Amy arrives back at the loft after the last elimination round. Immediately following her return, the drama begins and other gamers conspire to have Dante removed from the house during the next challenge. This week's game is Project Gotham Racing 4. PGR4 is an arcade style game featuring over 130 vehicles, amazing weather affects and tracks from different cities around the world. For the real life challenge, Hannah announces that the gamers will be driving cars, which they will have to slide around tight corners, much like in the video game. Of all the gamers, Robert is most nervous because he is a New York City native and has never driven a car before. The teams for the challenge are: Mark and Ciji, Geoff and Dante, Jamal and Amy, Swoozie and Chelsea, and Alyson and Robert. Before getting behind the wheel, each gamer practices with a professional stunt driver who teaches them how to perform certain stunts. The judge for this challenge is 2007 Driver of the Year and 2008 Long Beach Formula DRIFT champion, Chris Forsberg.

  • Move It Or Lose It
    When Jamal enters the loft after winning the elimination challenge, the other gamers are noticeably disappointed that Alyson did not return. Feeling the animosity around him, Jamal decides to stir up some controversy by telling them that Dante is working with him, Swoozie and Robert to form an alliance against the other gamersJamal decides to stir up some controversy by telling them that Dante is working with he, Swoozie and Robert to form an alliance against the other gamers. Geoff feels extremely uncomfortable and believes that no one in the house can be trusted. the game has evolved to the level where no one is truly each others friends and that it's time to play dirty. During his confessional, Jamal admits that part of his strategy is to make sure that the people in the house are uptight around each other, which he believes will affect their playing abilities.

  • Things Get Explosive
    After winning the last elimination challenge, Swoozie returns to the house, and tension amongst the gamers arises when rumors of secret alliances begin to form. As the players prepare for their real-life challenge, they are blindfolded and led to what appears to be an abandoned warehouse. When they are allowed to remove their blindfolds, they see Hannah on a monitor and paint ball guns lining the walls. They immediately realize that they will be playing Halo 3. In Halo 3, players compete as teams using futuristic weapons and vehicles to get more kills than their opponents. For this week's challenge, teams are chosen randomly. Robert, Dante, Swoozie and Jamal are on the Red Team, while Chelsea, Amy, Ciji and Mark are on the Blue Team.

  • Sink Or Swim
    "NBA Live '09" challenges unfold while the ties between two gamers become strained. NBA stars Spud Webb and Darryl Dawkins and WNBA player Lisa Leslie serve as guest judges.

  • The Gauntlet
    Two finalists are named after six gamers face off in challenges based on "Halo 3," "Rock Band 2" and "Project Gotham Racing 4."

  • The Ultimate Showdown
    A winner is crowned after the two finalists face off in challenges based on "Gears of War 2," "Soul Calibur IV" and "Shaun White Snowboarding."
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