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Girls Who Like Boys Who Like BoysGirls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys  premiered on SUN on December 7, 2010. This series explores the love affair between straight women and their gay best friends. This groundbreaking documentary series explores the emotional and social tensions that frame the relationships of four couples, each of whom are dealing with a different aspect of their lives.

Season 1 (2010-2011)
(8 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. The Perfect Couple (Original Air Date 12/7/2010)
  2. Three's A Crowd (Original Air Date 12/7/2010)
  3. Baby On My Mind (Original Air Date 12/14/2010)
  4. Matchmaker Matchmaker (Original Air Date 12/14/2010)
  5. Flying Blind (Original Air Date 12/21/2010)
  6. Great Expectations (Original Air Date 12/21/2010)
  7. Out Of The Closet (Original Air Date 12/28/2010)
  8. Til Death Do Us Part (Original Air Date 1/4/2011)
Season 2 (2011-2012)
(12 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Naughty Or Nice? (Original Air Date 11/18/2011)
  2. Let's Get This Party Started (Original Air Date 11/18/2011)
  3. Too Heavy, Too Hard, Too Fast (Original Air Date 11/25/2011)
  4. Dealing With Some Demons (Original Air Date 12/2/2011)
  5. The Sex Video (Original Air Date 12/9/2011)
  6. He Sucks Me In (Original Air Date 12/16/2011)
  7. Clean, Sexy & Classy (Original Air Date 12/23/2011)
  8. Train Wreck (Original Air Date 12/30/2011)
  9. Get Out Of My House (Original Air Date 1/6/2012)
  10. A Dirty Word (Original Air Date 1/13/2012)
  11. Crash & Burn (Original Air Date 1/20/2012)
  12. Intervention (Original Air Date 1/27/2012)
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