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Pushing Daisies

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Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Naughty Or Nice?
    Sherrie and Shane plot her music industry comeback while he tries to sell her on religion. Tenisha takes Jared's breakup too lightly. Olivia and Brent plan a fundraising event, and Kristin turns to Peter when her fiance heads off on a tour of duty.

  • Let's Get This Party Started
    Olivia and Brent quarrel as they prep for their charity event. Sherrie and Shane perform on stage together for the first time. Tenisha and Jared make up after fighting at his birthday party. All go to the fundraiser where a crazed Brent hits the roof.

  • Too Heavy, Too Hard, Too Fast
    Jared goes on a date from hell with Brent, who ends up first in the hospital and then driving away with a drink in hand after Olivia fuels up his stranded car. Shane prays for Brent's soul, while Kristin tells Peter she's trying to get pregnant.

  • Dealing With Some Demons
    Shane asks Sherrie, Tenisha and Jared to a bible study session and drops a bombshell. Kristin's period is late, but what will the pregnancy test reveal?

  • The Sex Video
    Jared's racy dating video gets the thumbs down from Tenisha. Elsewhere, Peter has great expectations that Olivia and Brent will enjoy his comedy act so much that they'll ask him to host their benefit show. Later, Gay Pride Day celebrations take an ugly turn when Tenisha and Jared have a fight about his flirting.

  • He Sucks Me In
    Jared and Tenisha ponder reconciling after their Gay Pride Day dustup; Olivia contemplates bailing out Brent after his arrest for credit-card fraud; Sherrie and Shane shoot their music video amid on-set drama and boyfriend discord on his part.

  • Clean, Sexy & Classy
    Tenisha just decides to spice up her dating life by losing weight when a promotion opportunity with Olivia's restaurant offers a way to do it. Sherrie and Shane go to New York to perform, but his boyfriend troubles cast a cloud over the show.

  • Train Wreck
    Concerned about Brent's manic, alcohol-fueled behavior, Olivia challenges him to sober up while her own marriage is on the rocks. Tenisha brings Jared home to Memphis for her family reunion, and Peter works to clean up his raunchy act.

  • Get Out Of My House
    Sherrie, Jared and Tenisha go to NYC to support Shane's first solo music video shoot. Peter worries that his daughter may be bullied in school. Tenisha breaks down, revealing that her oversized personality is covering something up.

  • A Dirty Word
    Touched that Tenisha can't see her own beauty, Shane and Sherrie aim to lift her spirits with a song. Peter takes his kids to a carnival for gay families. With their big fundraiser looming, Brent's shocking behavior forces Olivia into extreme action.

  • Crash & Burn
    Olivia's big charity event is finally here, but what begins as a promising night will end in all-out drama. And just when Sherrie and Shane's powerful performance seems to turn things around, Brent's arrival triggers a complete and utter meltdown.

  • Intervention
    Sherrie hosts a naughty sex-toy party for her gal pals. Inspired by Sherrie and Shane's song, Tenisha decides to self-publish her book. Brent attends his mom's funeral, but will her untimely death finally prod him to sober up?
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