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Pushing Daisies

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Platinum Hit EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • This Is Platinum Hit
    The city of Los Angeles inspires the 12 contestants to author a hook-laden song. Jermaine Dupri and Trevor Jerideau are guest judges.

  • Dance Floor Royalty
    The tunesmiths try to pen dance-music gems and must perform their songs at a hot Hollywood club. Disco luminary Donna Summer serves as guest judge.

  • Wheels Up
    The open road inspires the aspiring hit-makers to create musical hooks. They rev up for a road trip, but the ride soon turns bumpy and sorely tests their artistic patience. Pop singer Natasha Bedingfield is the guest judge.

  • Rap Heroes
    The aspiring hit-makers display their rapping abilities, yet some contenders treat the challenge as simply a gimmick. Songwriter-producer Rodney Jerkins is the guest judge.

  • The L Word
    The composers are assigned to author love songs in a challenge distinguished by a game-changing twist. Alas, love stinks for two contestants when they engage in a fiery fight to remain in the competition. Appearing: singer-songwriter Ryan Tedder.

  • We Are Risk Takers
    The songwriters must face the music when they display their artistic chops on the streets of Los Angeles. The challenge comes with a twist that tests the contestants' versatility. Singer-songwriter Bonnie McKee is the guest judge.

  • Somebody Is Lying
    A difficult hook-heavy challenge tasks the remaining tunesmiths to be pitch-perfect. That is, they must be persuasive when pitching their music to songwriters Gavin DeGraw and Evan Bogart.

  • Kiss The Flame
    The five remaining songsmiths try to get in tune by using one of Jewel's favorite lyrics. Singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat is the guest judge.

  • Snap, Crackle... Pop!
    The four still-standing composers must write pop songs. Singer-songwriter Taio Cruz and high-school students then appraise their work.

  • The Winner Takes It All
    The final three songwriters try to pen a career-making, chart-topping song???with nary a theme nor parameter restricting them. The episode culminates with the crowning of the winner.
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