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Gotti's WayGotti's Way  premiered on VH1 on October 15, 2007. In 1997, Def Jam Records gave their brightest employee, A&R rep Irv Gotti, his own record company after he discovered rap stars Jay-Z & DMX and revived the dying label. He named the company Murder Inc. Records and proceeded to guide Ja Rule, Ashanti and J. Lo to successive #1 hits. He established a wonderful life in New Rochelle Long Island with his beautiful wife Deb and their three lovely children. Then, on January 3, 2003, the FBI raided the offices' of Murder Inc. and brought Irv up on federal charges of money laundering for drug kingpins. The trial dragged on for three long years. Irv spent millions on legal fees, his label dropped him, his business associates bolted, and his marriage fell apart. He lost everything. But on December 2, 2005 Irv was suddenly acquitted of all charges. He was at the bottom, but he was free to finally think about his future. Now, with fresh ink on a new record deal, Irv Gotti intends to reclaim his rightful place in music history by leading Murder Inc., back to the top of the charts and the center of hip-hop. And he intends to do it while holding together his unusual relationship with Deb, and being there as a good father to his kids. The show will follow Irv and his crew as he begins the journey back from desolation. Can he take Ja Rule back to the heights of a platinum selling king or is his time in the limelight over? Will Irv's unlikely pairing with pop singer Vanessa Carlton produce million selling hits or an album that no one wants? Can Irv take a street thug like Flashy and create another star or just another rapper with unfulfilled promise?

Irv Gotti
Deb Gotti
Angie Gotti
Sonny Gotti
JJ Gotti
Season 1 (20079)
(7 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Get A Hit (Original Air Date 10/15/2007)
  2. My Daughter Angie (Original Air Date 10/22/2007)
  3. Man Up (Original Air Date 10/29/2007)
  4. Searching For A Hit (Original Air Date 11/5/2007)
  5. Get Your Hustle On (Original Air Date 11/12/2007)
  6. Divorce, Part 1 (Original Air Date 11/26/2007)
  7. Divorce, Part 2 (Original Air Date 12/3/2007)
Season 2 (2009)
(7 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Marriage Is Murder (Original Air Date 5/4/2009)
  2. To The Prom-ised Land (Original Air Date 5/11/2009)
  3. Gotti Hears The Newz (Original Air Date 5/18/2009)
  4. Irv's Weekend Away (Original Air Date 5/25/2009)
  5. Options (Original Air Date 6/1/2009)
  6. Live On Gayle King (Original Air Date 6/8/2009)
  7. Home Alone (Original Air Date 6/15/2009)
  8. JJ's Birthday Party (Original Air Date 6/22/2009)
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