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Pushing Daisies

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Graceland EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • The Line
    Mike return to Graceland after a cartel tries to kill him, but things have changed while he's been away.

  • Connects
    Briggs reconnects with his sordid past to help Mike find information regarding a deadly cartel. Elsewhere, Paige needs more resources to hunt down a drug manufacturer.

  • Tinker Bell
    Jakes tries to find a contraband-smuggling bus; Tuturro gets in over his head after selling an antique gun to the son of a cartel leader.

  • Magic Number
    Jake pays his way into a garage with secrets while Briggs and Charlie try to atone for past transgressions. Elsewhere, Tuturro contemplates how far he is willing to go for a case after a night on the town with Carlito.

  • H-A-Double-P-Y
    Mike rushes everyone's undercovers when Jessica visits while Jake's personal life continues to create problems, and Johnny takes a risk to solidify his cover with Carlito.

  • The Unlucky One
    Mike and Briggs go to extremes to find Paige while she is undercover with a sex trafficking ring when the Solano case goes to pieces, seemingly due to an act of sabotage.

  • Los Malos
    Mike faces his enemy and vows to take him down at all costs even if it means his agents operate beyond the boundaries of the law.

  • The Ends
    Charlie tries to bond with a bank robber while Johnny struggles to contain his feelings for the daughter of a cartel leader. Elsewhere, Briggs' personal life complicates an undercover assignment.

  • Gratis
    When Johnny meets with the head of the cartel, he suggests another method of smuggling drugs into US.

  • The Head Of The Pig
    Briggs and Paige send Briggs's undercover after Mike, who they believe has pushed the boundaries too far. Unfortunately, a dirty cop's commitment to corruption causes the operation to go awry.

  • Home
    Briggs hunts for a person who may know of his past crimes while the team pulls off a bank heist they hope will cripple an adversary of Mike's.

  • Echoes, Part 1
    The agents prepare to take down the Solano Cartel permanently, but Sid has a few tricks up his sleeve.

  • Echoes, Part 1
    The agents' plans begin to fall apart as the arrests of Sid and the Solanos approaches.
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