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Pushing Daisies

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DescriptionShow Description    

GravityGravity  premiered on STZ on April 23, 2010. This series follows the sometimes comic, sometimes tragic exploits of a group from an eccentric out-patient program of suicide survivors. Lily Champagne is a twenty-something clinically depressed outcast looking for the love that her father never gave her. Robert Collingsworth is an ophthalmologist who is despondent following the cancer death of his wife, and who becomes an internet celebrity when his suicide attempt goes comically awry. Miller is an NYPD cop who seems to be everywhere Lily is.

StatusShow Status    

Canceled/ended after 1 season; ended on 6/25/2010

Lily Champagne
Krysten Ritter
Robert Collingsworth
Ivan Sergei
Eric Schaeffer
Shawna Rollins
Rachel Hunter
Dogg McFee
Ving Rhames
Season 1 (2009-2010)
(10 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Suicide Dummies (Original Air Date 4/23/2010)
  2. Namaste MF (Original Air Date 4/30/2010)
  3. One Cold Swim Away (Original Air Date 5/7/2010)
  4. Old People Creep Me Out (Original Air Date 5/14/2010)
  5. Love At First Suicide (Original Air Date 5/21/2010)
  6. Dogg Day Afternoon (Original Air Date 5/28/2010)
  7. Let It Mellow (Original Air Date 6/4/2010)
  8. Damn Skippy (Original Air Date 6/11/2010)
  9. Calemnity (Original Air Date 6/18/2010)
  10. Are We All Just Dead? (Original Air Date 6/25/2010)
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