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Greatest Tank BattlesGreatest Tank Battles  premiered on MIL on January 5, 2011. Capturing the intensity of a tank battle from the heart of the action has been a mission impossible for filmmakers who must always take a safe position at the edge of the battlefield. Now, Greatest Tank Battles brings to life the most gripping and monumental battles ever fought on the front lines with these weapons on wheels. Filmed on battlefields across the world, the series uses stunning, ultra-realistic CGI animation to recount the step-by-step maneuvers used in the most colossal combats from the last century. In each episode, viewers witness the gritty realism and experience the thunderous tanks from perspectives never before possible. Coupled with first-hand accounts from the eyes of the very soldiers who manned the guns and guided the monster machines, this series puts viewers right in the heat of the action and inside the tank's atmosphere.

Season 1 (2010-2011)
(10 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. The Battle Of 73 Easting (Original Air Date 1/5/2011)
  2. The October War: Battle For The Golan Heights (Original Air Date 1/12/2011)
  3. The Battle Of El Alamein (Original Air Date 1/19/2011)
  4. The Battle Of The Bulge: Race To Bastogne (Original Air Date 1/26/2011)
  5. The Battle For The Hochwald Gap (Original Air Date 2/2/2011)
  6. The Battle Of The Bulge: SS Panzers Attack! (Original Air Date 2/9/2011)
  7. The Battle Of Normandy (Original Air Date 2/16/2011)
  8. The Battle Of Arracourt (Original Air Date 2/23/2011)
  9. The Battle Of Kursk: Northern Front (Original Air Date 3/2/2011)
  10. The Battle Of Kursk: Southern Front (Original Air Date 3/9/2011)
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