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DescriptionShow Description    

The Grizzly Man DiariesThe Grizzly Man Diaries  premiered on ANI in August 29, 2008. This series will draw upon the hundreds of hours of archived footage, private pages from Timothy Treadwell's diaries and more than 10,000 still photographs from the decade before his death, ultimately telling the story he truly wanted to before his untimely death from the very creatures he loved so deeply. The footage and stories within The Grizzly Man Diaries present astonishing revelations about grizzly behavior and survival - all while showcasing the personalities of the individual bears as well as Treadwell's passion and unique connection with them. The series truly tells the story that Treadwell hoped to share - featuring "his" bears as genuine creatures to be respected, admired, loved, heralded and amazed by, not as the wild, strong and dangerous animals that killed him.

Voice Cast    
Timothy Treadwell
Season 1 (2008-2009)
(8 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. In The Sanctuary (Original Air Date 8/29/2008)
  2. Aunt Melissa (Original Air Date 8/29/2008)
  3. Two Timothys (Original Air Date 9/5/2008)
  4. The Salmon Run (Original Air Date 9/5/2008)
  5. The Cycles (Original Air Date 9/12/2008)
  6. Fight Day (Original Air Date 9/12/2008)
  7. Day In The Life (Original Air Date 9/19/2008)
  8. The Fall (Original Air Date 9/19/2008)
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