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Guys Like UsGuys Like Us premiered on UPN on October 5, 1998. The show is about Jared and Sean, two twenty-something guys who share an apartment. Sean is a guy with a casual outlook on life and when Jared is a stuffy career oriented guy. Jared tells Sean that one of his younger brothers has to move in with them for awhile. What he forgets to mention is that the brother who is moving in with them is six-year-old Maestro. Sean, Jared, and Maestro all have a lot of adjusting to do. This show is often funny and fun to watch.

Season 1 (1998-1999)
12 Episodes In Season 1
  1. Pilot (Original Air Date 10/5/1998)
  2. In & Out (Original Air Date 10/12/1998)
  3. Maestro's First Crush (Original Air Date 10/19/1998)
  4. It's The Great Pumpkin, Maestro Harris (Original Air Date 10/26/1998)
  5. Sean's Moving Out (Original Air Date 11/2/1998)
  6. Maestro's Big Break (Original Air Date 11/9/1998)
  7. The Lying Down Game (Original Air Date 11/16/1998)
  8. A Turkey Too Far (Original Air Date 11/23/1998)
  9. Truth Or Consequences (Original Air Date 12/21/1998)
  10. Maestro's Gold Card (Original Air Date 1/4/1999)
  11. Jared's Ex (Original Air Date 1/11/1999)
  12. Good Old Days (Original Air Date 1/18/1999)
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