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Hammertime EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Shaping Up!
    Stanley Burrell, best known as Grammy-winning rapper MC Hammer, discovers some of his lost memorabilia; goes with his son on take-your-dad-to-school day; and watches his cousin audition to be in his dance crew.

  • Moving Forward
    The story of how Hammer's nephew Jamaris came to live with them is told, and the pair travel to Stanford University, where Hammer participates in a social-media panel. Also: Hammer goes into the studio with his daughters; and A'keiba prompts shy Sarah to perform at an open-mike night.

  • On The Road Again
    Hammer books a huge concert in Utah that will reunite him with fellow performer and old friend Vanilla Ice, but the show is on the same day as his birthday, so Hammer must break the news to his family that he will not be home. Hammer and Vanilla Ice give their fans an amazing show, while back in Tracy the family plans a surprise birthday party for when Hammer returns, and Jamaris gets a part time job.

  • That's A Bet!
    Hammer's father, "Pops" comes to town for a visit with the family. Stephanie decides to set Marv up on a blind date with one of her friends, but only after he agrees to a complete makeover. While Hammer, Pops and the kids go fishing, Stephanie takes Marv to the salon where he gets a new look and a few dating tips. Later, Hammer plays poker with his buddies and bets Marv that he won't get a second date, but Marv brings his A-game and tries to impress Stephanie's friend.

  • Daddy Daycare
    A'Keiba returns home from college and the Hammer girls prepare for a much needed spa weekend away. Hammer and the boys plan a bachelor weekend, but when the boys invite more than a dozen friends over, chaos ensues and life without the girls proves to be less of a treat, and more of a chore than expected.

  • Vegas Baby!
    The family travels to Las Vegas for Hammer's mom's 70th birthday party, where he gives her a surprise. He tells her he's moving her to Tracy, Cal., so she can be near the family. Also, he promotes some new artists by premiering their music at local clubs and radio stations.

  • Giving Back
    Hammer takes the children to feed the homeless in order to teach them a lesson in being selfless after the children do nice things for him only so they can get something from him.

  • Home Cookin'
    Hammer searches for a home for his mother, Betty, who is now in California; A'keiba attempts to share her vegetarian lifestyle with the family; and Jeremiah learns that he has to get braces.

  • The Lost Episode
    Hammer attempts to book a show in Las Vegas; and has a dance-off with "Boobie" (Stanley Jr.), promising to install a family swimming pool if he loses.

  • Love Is In The Air
    Jamaris prepares for his prom, and he asks to wear the original suit from the "U Can't Touch This" video, but Hammer tells him he has to pass the dance test; and Hammer makes plans to take a little getaway with Stephanie.

  • Family Vacation
    The family goes to Oahu for a vacation during spring break; and Hammer surprises Stephanie by proposing again and having the family participate in a vow-renewal ceremony.
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