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Pushing Daisies

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Happily Divorced EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pilot
    Florist Fran is faced with the end of her 18-year marriage when her husband reveals that he's gay, though due to financial difficulties they're forced to live together, which makes for awkward situations when Fran starts dating.

  • Pillow Talk
    Fran worries about her relationship with Elliott when he thinks she's too close to her ex-husband, but her plans for a romantic evening turn into an awkward morning thanks to Peter's drunken behavior.

  • Anniversary
    Peter hopes an anniversary date will make amends for his suggestion to sell Fran's engagement ring to pay their taxes, but he's shocked to find out she's made other plans.

  • A Date With Destiny
    Fran reconnects with a high-school flame after finding some old love letters, but their reunion may be too good to be true.

  • Spousal Support
    Fran joins a support group when she's bothered by an older, wealthy client's doting on Peter, and realizes that some wounds from the divorce are still fresh.

  • I Wanna Be Alone
    Fran wins a cruise for two but decides to go by herself, a decision that doesn't please either Peter or Judi. Meanwhile, Dori has big aspirations when she joins a local theater group.

  • Someone Wants Me
    Fran reexamines her history with men when she meets a blue-collar contractor on an online-dating site. Meanwhile, Peter pays the price of being honest in the Internet age.

  • A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

  • Vegas Baby
    Fran gives Elliott an ultimatum to meet her in Vegas or say good-bye forever, though a crazy night with Peter might hasten the latter.

  • Torn Between Two Lovetts
    After declaring that her divorce is far enough in the past, Fran fixes Peter up with her hairdresser. But when they hit if off and she starts to feel left out, she makes an ill-advised decision to crash their next date.
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