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DescriptionShow Description    

Happy EndingsHappy Endings  premiered on ABC on April 13, 2011. Forget who gets to keep the ring - when a couple splits, the real question is, who gets to keep the friends? In this modern comedy, a couple's break-up will complicate all of their friends' lives and make everyone question their choices. When life throws you for a curve, hold on tight to the people you love. Every circle of friends has someone who's the gravitational center. For years, perfect couple Dave and Alex drew their friends in and held them together. Now that they've split, does this group have the stuff to stay together? Or do Max, Brad, Jane and Penny have to choose sides? Suddenly every event is a negotiation... like, who gets to go on the annual ski trip? There are a lot of big questions to be answered, but this group has been together so long, somehow, little by little, they'll figure out how to hold on, even though their center is split up. It helps that Dave and Alex have agreed to stay friends. But there will definitely be other complications down the road - like Penny's long-suppressed feelings for Dave. What is the waiting period for dating a friend's ex? This show isn't afraid to ask the embarrassing personal questions that inevitably arise in every long-term, close-knit group of friends.

StatusShow Status    

Canceled/ended after 3 seasons; ended on 5/3/2013

Zachary Knighton
Elisha Cuthbert
Adam Pally
Damon Wayans Jr.
Eliza Coupe
Casey Wilson
Season 1 (2010-2011)
(12 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. Pilot (Original Air Date 4/13/2011)
  2. The Quicksand Girlfriend (Original Air Date 4/13/2011)
  3. Your Couples Friends & Neighbor (Original Air Date 4/20/2011)
  4. Mein Coming Out (Original Air Date 4/20/2011)
  5. Like Father, Like Gun (Original Air Date 4/27/2011)
  6. Of Mice & Jazz-Kwon-Do (Original Air Date 5/4/2011)
  7. Dave Of The Dead (Original Air Date 5/4/2011)
  8. The Girl With The David Tattoo (Original Air Date 5/11/2011)
  9. You've Got Male (Original Air Date 5/11/2011)
  10. Bo Fight (Original Air Date 5/18/2011)
  11. Barefoot Pedaler (Original Air Date 5/18/2011)
  12. The Shershow Redemption (Original Air Date 5/25/2011)
Season 2 (2011-2012)
(21 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Blax, Snake, Home (Original Air Date 9/28/2011)
  2. Baby Steps (Original Air Date 10/5/2011)
  3. Yesandwitch (Original Air Date 10/12/2011)
  4. Secrets And Limos (Original Air Date 10/19/2011)
  5. Spooky Endings (Original Air Date 10/26/2011)
  6. Lying Around (Original Air Date 11/2/2011)
  7. The Code War (Original Air Date 11/16/2011)
  8. Full Court Dress (Original Air Date 11/23/2011)
  9. Grinches Be Crazy (Original Air Date 12/7/2011)
  10. The Shrink, The Dare, Her Date And Her Brother (Original Air Date 1/4/2012)
  11. Meet The Parrots (Original Air Date 1/11/2012)
  12. Makin' Changes! (Original Air Date 1/18/2012)
  13. The St. Valentine's Day Maxssacres (Original Air Date 2/8/2012)
  14. Everybody Loves Grant (Original Air Date 2/15/2012)
  15. The Butterfly Effect Effect (Original Air Date 2/22/2012)
  16. Cocktails & Dreams (Original Air Date 2/29/2012)
  17. The Kerkovich Way (Original Air Date 3/7/2012)
  18. Party Of Six (Original Air Date 3/14/2012)
  19. You Snooze, You Bruise (Original Air Date 3/21/2012)
  20. Big White Lies (Original Air Date 3/28/2012)
  21. Four Weddings And A Funeral [Minus Three Weddings And One Funeral] (Original Air Date 4/4/2012)
Season 3 (2012-2013)
(23 Episodes In Season 3)
  1. Cazsh Dummy Spillionaires (Original Air Date 10/23/2012)
  2. Sabado Free-Gante (Original Air Date 10/30/2012)
  3. Boys II Menorah (Original Air Date 11/13/2012)
  4. More Like Stanksgiving (Original Air Date 11/20/2012)
  5. P & P Romance Factory (Original Air Date 12/4/2012)
  6. To Serb With Love (Original Air Date 12/11/2012)
  7. No-Ho-Ho (Original Air Date 12/18/2012)
  8. Fowl Play/Date (Original Air Date 1/6/2013)
  9. Ordinary Extraordinary Love (Original Air Date 1/8/2013)
  10. Kickball 2: The Kickening (Original Air Date 1/13/2013)
  11. The Ex Factor (Original Air Date 1/15/2013)
  12. The Marry Prankster (Original Air Date 1/29/2013)
  13. Our Best Friend's Wedding (Original Air Date 1/29/2013)
  14. In The Heat Of The Noche (Original Air Date 3/29/2013)
  15. The Straight Dope (Original Air Date 3/29/2013)
  16. The Incident (Original Air Date 4/5/2013)
  17. Bros Before Bros (Original Air Date 4/5/2013)
  18. She Got Game Night (Original Air Date 4/12/2013)
  19. The Storm Before The Calm (Original Air Date 4/12/2013)
  20. The Ballad Of Lon Sarofsky (Original Air Date 4/26/2013)
  21. Unsabotagable (Original Air Date 4/26/2013)
  22. Deuce Babylove 2: Electric Babydeuce (Original Air Date 5/3/2013)
  23. Brothas & Sisters (Original Air Date 5/3/2013)
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