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Pushing Daisies

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Head Case EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Goode Morning
    Hollywood's "it" therapist to the stars is judgmental and unorthodox - but everybody who's anybody must get in to see her. Up first: Jason Priestley and Rich Eisen.

  • Celebrity Ambassadress
    Ione Skye analyzes her sexuality and dreams; and one of the doctor's has a promiscuous sister.

  • Dick In Review
    Dr. Goode helps Andy Dick get ready for an audition that he's nervous about; and Shelby Lynne has a case of pre-show stage fright.

  • Tom Sizemore And Traci Lords
    Dr. Goode tries not to get psyched out by Tom Sizemore; things get steamy between Traci Lords and Dr. Finkelstein.

  • Ralph Macchio And Liz Phair
    Dr. Goode brings out Ralph Macchio's inner child; singer Liz Phair talks about her love life.

  • Only The Lonely
    After experiencing several bad dates from an online dating service, Dr. Goode takes her frustrations out on her patients; and Tom Sizemore come back for more treatment.

  • Ladies Night
    Dr. Goode and her assistant go out on the town following a session with Rick Fox; Sean Hayes finds himself at the bar and hits Dr. Goode up for some advice.

  • It's All Goode
    Dr. Finkelstein takes an ad out in the yellow pages; Dr. Goode finally meets a man she likes from the dating service; and Willie Garson finds himself all alone.

  • Pair Of Hearts
    Dr. Goode's new boyfriend begins showing his feelings; Fred Willard is confused; and while Willie Garson waits, he thinks of a way to make some quick cash.

  • Baked Goodes
    Alanis Morissette turns her session around with Dr. Goode to help her with her problems.
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