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Head Case EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Live And Let Diet
    Dr. Goode's ex attempts to apologize, but she'll have none of it; the doctor holds quick-fix sessions with Ione Skye and new patient Jeff Goldblum; Dr. Finkelstein skips a staff meeting again.

  • El Finks
    Richard Kind and a needy Lea Thompson require Dr. Goode's services, as does Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry, who's in a panic and needs the good doctor on the set.

  • A Tard For All Seasons
    Dr. Goode deals with Andy Dick's double troubles (time management and booze), while Pamela Adlon takes offense and settles things her way after her session is interrupted.

  • Goode Vibes
    Dr. Goode tries to convince singer Joel Madden that there's more to life than music; Finkelstein gets knocked for a loop after a surprise visit by someone from his past; Lola once again is forced to cover for an AWOL Finkelstein.

  • Parental Guidance Suggested
    Dr. Goode gets a surprise visit from her parents; Ahmet Zappa arrives for a session with an unusual gift; Greg Grunberg talks about his naughty dreams; Jonathan Silverman and Jennifer Finnigan realize the couples therapy should involve both of them.

  • Come Together
    Elizabeth's father pays a visit to her practice; actress Monica Potter deals with a case of mistaken identity; comedian David Alan Grier proves to be a chronic tattletale; Pamela Adlon discusses what she loves.

  • Best Laid Plans
    Trudie Styler (wife of rocker Sting) phones the practice with a surprising emergency; Jason Lewis has his manhood tested; Lola sets up a "practice" bachelorette party; Christopher Lloyd disappears in the middle of a session.

  • Dreading Bells
    Myron and Lola experience some uncomfortable moments in the office until the arrival of a surprise package; Jonathan Silverman and Jennifer Finnigan have problems with their therapist; Dr. Bry the Fatburger Guy makes a startling confession.
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