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Head Case EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Head Case And Party Down
    A look at two cable-comedy series. The first is about an unorthodox Hollywood therapist and the second focuses on an unsuccessful actor who returns to a previous job at a Tinseltown caterer, where he works side-by-side with other aspiring entertainers.

  • The Wedding Ringer
    Macy Gray envisions herself in the White House. Janeane Garofalo, Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott find Dr. Goode in a pre-nuptial bliss. Myron receives a timely gift from a car wash owner.

  • Talk To The List
    Dr. Goode and her wedding planner butt heads over the wedding budget. Fiance Jeremy Berger wants to get his hands on the guest list. Patients Larry Miller and Marc Cherry air out their problems.

  • Tying The... Not
    The wedding has arrived. Dr. Goode finally walks down the aisle, but toward what? Tate Donovan gets no help with his dating issues and Jeff Probst suffers from a case of mistaken identity.

  • Elizabeth Hughes
    New husband Jeremy's bombshell sends Dr. Goode into a dark downward spiral the morning after the wedding. Lola comes to her rescue by salvaging a session at the Playboy Mansion with Hugh Hefner.

  • Back In The Game
    Reeling from her four-hour marriage, Dr. Goode resorts to self-therapy. Ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has an identity crisis. Myron gets into a high stakes gambling ring.

  • Short On Love
    Dr. Goode wages war on her ex from NYC. Trying to get back into dating, she finds herself coming up a little short. Lola runs a magic "blendie" business from the LA office.

  • That's Produce
    Self-doubt gets the better of Dr. Goode when she tries to find out what went wrong with ex flame Mario Batali. Sandra Bernhardt wrestles with Judaic restrictions.

  • Twinkle, Twinkle...
    Dr. Goode settles back in LA, where a final shot at dating goes horribly wrong with Michael McDonald. Finks get a video visit from his ex wife, Twinkle Finklestein.

  • All About Steve
    Dr. Goode decides to adopt after WWE star Dave Batista tells her that single motherhood is hard but noble. Finks travels back east, but gets "held up" on the way there.

  • The Big Book
    Dr. Goode travels to NYC where she sorts through some issues with new patient Jerry Seinfeld. Back in LA, she is approached about a book deal.
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