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Hitched Or Ditched EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Bastards Out Of Carolina
    Charlotte, North Carolina couple Travis, 32 and CeLisa, 26, have been dating for four years. With the couple's tempestuous relationship at an impasse, CeLisa's best friend presents them with a surprise invitation to their own wedding. CeLisa, a nanny, battles resistance from her family and a desire to hold on to her independent lifestyle, while Travis searches for answers concerning the woman he's about to marry. Overcome with jealousy, Travis crashes CeLisa's bachelorette party, pushing his potential bride further away.

  • A Cheater In Bean Town
    Boston couple Anissa, 22, and Jesse, 20, have been dating for four years and their up-and-down relationship has left them looking for more. When Jesse's brother presents the couple with a surprise invitation to their own wedding, Jesse, a mortgage banker, struggles to convince Anissa's family that his playboy past is behind him, while Anissa, a systems analyst, defends their relationship to a long list of discerning friends and family. When Jesse gets cold feet the night before the wedding, Anissa questions whether he will ever change his ways.

  • Don't Hate The Player
    San Diego couple Gabrielle, 24 and Jesse, 29 have been dating for three years. With their relationship at a standstill, their roommate Mandi surprises the couple with an invitation to their own wedding. Gabrielle, a graduate student, battles issues from her difficult family upbringing, while Jesse, a medical sales executive, fights to convince everyone his promiscuous past is behind him. When Gabrielle's old boyfriend crashes her bachelorette party, Jesse loses control and puts their entire future in jeopardy.

  • Rescue Me... From Your Mom
    New Jersey couple Courtney, 24, and Anthony, 25, have been dating for two years, and their rollercoaster relationship has left the couple looking to take the next step. When Courtney, a clothing store owner and model, and Anthony, a student and volunteer fireman, are presented with a surprise invitation to their own wedding, the couple faces intense opposition from all of their friends and family. Violet, Anthony's mother, threatens to commit herself if the couple weds and vows to not attend the ceremony, while Anthony promises he is ready to stand up to his family.

  • Rescue Me... From Your Mom
    Chicago couple Erica, 25, and Paul, 31, have been dating for four years and their active lifestyle has left Erica looking to settle down. When Erica's best friend presents the couple with a surprise invitation to their own wedding, Erica, a model and actress, is more than willing to marry but has her sights on moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. However, Paul, an advertising sales executive, resists leaving his top-flight job and the city he loves.

  • Rescue Me... From Your Mom
    North Carolina couple El Lana, 29, and Torrino, 35, have been dating for ten years, but resistance to their interracial relationship has brought their fun loving partnership to a standstill. When Torrino's best friend presents the couple with a surprise invitation to their own wedding, El Lana, a waitress, struggles to convince Torrino's family that she is a capable bride, while Torrino, a retail salesman, has a hard time choosing between his family and the woman he loves. While a storm threatens to keep El Lana's family from the ceremony, and Torrino's mother lashes out at El Lana with a racial slur.
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