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DescriptionShow Description     

Hole In The WallHole In The Wall  premiered on FOX on September 11, 2008. Speed, agility and a hearty sense of humor are essential tools to survive HOLE IN THE WALL, one of the trickiest, fastest, funniest and wettest shows sweeping the planet. During each episode, two teams compete against each other in multiple rounds of play, facing various barrier walls speeding toward them with weird and wacky cut-out shapes. Each team must contort their bodies in unison to fit through the wall or be swept away into a pool below. As players struggle to strike a pose, points and dignity can be easily lost with a simple miscalculation. As the rounds progress and the pace heats up, mind over matter, quick thinking, coordination, agility and clever teamwork play a crucial role as each team strives to maneuver through walls literally closing in on them.

StatusShow Status    

Canceled/ended after 1 season; ended on 3/15/2009

Brooke Burns
Mark Thompson

Season 1 (2008-2009)
(22 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. The Beer Bellies vs. The 6-Packs (Original Air Date 9/7/2008)
  2. Brooklyn Wrecking Balls vs. Hollywood Hair Raisers (Original Air Date 9/9/2008)
  3. Sumo Sandwich vs. Super Jockeys (Original Air Date 9/11/2008)
  4. Sweet Georgia Peaches vs. Spicy New York Meatballs (Original Air Date 9/11/2008)
  5. Burger Boys vs. Chicken Wing Chicks (Original Air Date 9/18/2008)
  6. Small But Mighty vs. Flex Appeal (Original Air Date 9/18/2008)
  7. Freedom Rappers vs. Guitar Heroes (Original Air Date 10/2/2008)
  8. Flavor Of Love vs. Rock Of Love (Original Air Date 10/2/2008)
  9. Redneck Bama Boys vs. New York Yanks (Original Air Date 10/16/2008)
  10. Greek Goddessses vs. Pencil Pushers (Original Air Date 10/16/2008)
  11. Derby Dolls vs. Volleyballs (Original Air Date 1/18/2009)
  12. Gyrating Gents vs. Hometown Hotties (Original Air Date 1/18/2009)
  13. Trapeze Artists vs. Circus Performers (Original Air Date 2/8/2009)
  14. Pro Fighters vs. Backyard Wrestlers (Original Air Date 2/8/2009)
  15. Female Gymnasts vs. Male Acrobats (Original Air Date 3/8/2009)
  16. Surfer Girls vs. Surfer Boys (Original Air Date 3/8/2009)
  17. Soccer Moms vs. Hip-Hop Moms (Original Air Date 3/15/2009)
  18. Pretzel Makers vs. Tortilla Makers (Original Air Date 3/15/2009)
  19. Tow-Truck Drivers vs. Karate Experts (Unaired)
  20. Flight Attendants vs. Firefighters (Unaired)
  21. Triplets vs. Triplets (Unaired)
  22. Plus-Size vs. Skinny (Unaired)
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