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I Love Money EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • I Love Money: Meet The Allstars
    Before the start of the competition, get to know the participating cast members from past Vh1 record-breaking shows Flavor of Love, I Love New York and Rock of Love.

  • A Very 'Short Trip'
    The first contest involves naming team captains: The two people who grab the most cash in a money booth (while wearing only their underwear) get to be captains and pick team members. The one person not picked is the first contestant eliminated.

  • Only The Weak Survive
    The contestants compete in a Bed Battle Challenge, which involves fighting each other with pugil sticks on a huge bed that is suspended over the ocean. The losing team picks three candidates for elimination, and the winning team's captain decides who leaves the game. In a strategic move, one player on the chopping block fakes an injury to appear weak.

  • Heat's A Crowd
    Contestants divide into pairs for a challenge. Later, romantic pairings cause jealousy, which also comes into play at elimination time when someone must weigh the threat of a competitor against the threat of a romantic rival.

  • Bamboozlin' Gone Bad
    The teams head to a football field for a challenge that involves catching raw chickens. One team considers throwing the challenge in order to eliminate a strong player, and unexpected players face the threat of elimination.

  • Cry Me A River
    A shift of power occurs within the players' alliances, and secret deals are made. At the challenge, contestants must cry if they want to win.

  • The Blonde Leading The Blonde
    Contestants put on their swimsuits for a challenge at the beach. Later, two solid alliances fight for control of the game as a new alliance tries to take shape and gain the support of the paymaster.

  • The Good, The Bad, And The Confused?
    The contestants dine on worldly cuisine - not for fun, but as part of a challenge as they race around town square. And the game's once-dominant alliance becomes fragile when one of its members plays both sides of the fence.

  • Watch Your Back
    Contestants compete in a challenge called "The Spit Olympics" and deal with a demanding paymaster. Meanwhile, a surprising secret pact is made between two players, and a long-lasting alliance falls apart.

  • Drunk With Power
    With the teams disbanded, players face their first individual challenge and find out a lot about loyalty. After an unforeseen victory, the surprises keep coming with a backstabbing elimination.

  • Pole Riders In The Sky
    Players must cling to stripper poles in an endurance challenge that will result in immediate elimination for the loser. As a second elimination nears, contestants resort to food fights and backstabbing.

  • A Real Dilemma
    Changes are in store when a contestant quits the game, a marriage proposal is offered, and a surprising discovery is made. Meanwhile, players face a brutal task called "The Booze You Lose" challenge.

  • Clip Show
    Highlights from Season 1.

  • The Final Four
    A jury decides which two of the last three contestants will compete in the final challenge for the $250,000 prize.

  • Reunion
    A cast reunion.
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