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Infested EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Bedbugs, Rats And Scorpions
    Three families fight for their homes as they are overrun by vermin. In New Jersey, a dream home becomes a battleground as a family goes to war against an ever-growing number of bedbugs. A single mother defends her home and children against an invading army of rats. And in Arizona, a family discovers their new home is a haven for deadly scorpions.

  • Spiders, Snakes And Ants
    Sometimes, the desire to get away from it all can bring us closer to nature than we ever planned. In Oregon, a woman is left dangerously ill after being bitten by one of the thousands of hobo spiders that have taken up residence in her new home. A family in Idaho faces losing their home as a snake infestation spreads from the yard to the house. And a young family in Georgia discovers that their new home is built on top of a giant ant colony that stretches a thousand miles across the country.

  • Roaches, Mice And Raccoons
    Despite our best efforts, vermin will find a way into our homes. A family battles against an invasion of cockroaches, the walls and floors of their apartment seething with the creatures. An Australian town is threatened with extinction as millions of mice flood streets and fields, destroying everything in sight. And in Wisconsin, a family is hospitalized after the urine and excrement of invading raccoons poisons the air of their apartment building.
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