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Infested EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Dirty Wars
    An older couple and their children have been living happily in their large home in eastern Pennsylvania, when suddenly, they discover German cockroaches spreading from a neighbor's house to their own house.

  • Crawls From The Walls
    In Tennessee, a farmer fights against a home invasion of deadly spiders. In Georgia, a family gets creative after several failed attempts to rid their home of bed bugs. And in Pittsburgh, a couple battle against the cockroaches in their neighborhood.

  • Driven Insane
    A family is terrorized by noises coming from the attic of their new home. A father of two fights for his life after being bitten twice by brown recluse spiders. And a family risk losing everything in a war against the ticks in their home.

  • Hostile Takeovers
    A dream home becomes a nightmare when scorpions start falling from the rafters. In California, a family battle unusual blood-sucking parasites in search of new hosts. And a college students falls ill as she battles an army of opossums in her home.

  • Night Terrors
    A family is plagued by a tide of rats entering their home from an unknown source. A single mother is forced to move her family into a tent in the yard when a bug infestation overruns their home. And, an apartment's walls are home to dozens of opposums.

  • Under Siege
    The owners of a summer camp battle a bed bug infestation that's plaguing campers. A young family fight their apartment management over a spreading roach infestation. And a woman's home is overwhelmed by an exploding rat population.

  • Spreading Too Fast
    A family is forced to live in their RV when a protected species of bat moves into their attic. A dream home becomes a nightmare when the occupants discover an army of brown recluse spiders. And a couple tries to rid their home of foul-smelling crickets.

  • The Most Horrifying
    The five most horrifying stories from the first season of Infested. Spiders, rats, cockroaches, bats and snakes invade homes in vast numbers, terrorising their victims. Each family faces an agonizing decision: stay, or abandon their homes.

  • The Nastiest Battles
    The five biggest, nastiest battles from the first season of Infested. Bedbugs, spiders, rats, ants and mice plague four families and one entire town in incredible numbers.
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