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Pushing Daisies

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JuliaJulia premiered in September 1968. The series is about Julia, a young, middle-class Vietnam war widow who works as a nurse in the aerospace industry. Alone she raises her son, Corey, who spends much of his time with his best friend, Earl.

Julia Baker
Diahann Carroll
Corey Baker
Marc Copage
Morton Chegley
Lloyd Nolan
Season 1 (1968-1969)
30 Episodes In Season 1
  1. Mama's Man
  2. The Interview
  3. Sorry, Right Number
  4. Homework Isn't Housework
  5. Unloneliest Night Of The Week
  6. Who's A Freud Of Ginger Wolfe?
  7. Am I, Pardon The Expression, Blacklisted?
  8. Paint Your Waggedorn
  9. The Champ Is No Chump
  10. Too Good To Be Bad
  11. I'm Dreaming Of A Black Christmas
  12. Farewell, My Friends, Hello
  13. Designers Don't Always Have Designs
  14. The Solid Brass Snow Job
  15. The One And Only Genuine, Original Family Uncle
  16. Matchmaker, Break Me A Match
  17. How Sharper Than A Baby's Tooth
  18. Dancer In The Dark
  19. Sticks And Stones Can Break My Pizza
  20. How To Keep Your Wig Warm
  21. A Little Chicken Soup Never Hurt Anybody
  22. Wanda Mean Well
  23. Cupid's No Computer
  24. I Thought I Saw A Two-Timer?
  25. It Takes Two To Tangle
  26. Home Of The Braves
  27. A Baby's A Nice Nuisance
  28. Gone With The Draft
  29. The Doctor's Dilemma
  30. Love Is A Many Sighted Thing
Season 2 (1969-1970)
30 Episodes In Season 2
  1. A Tale Of Two Sitters
  2. The Wheel Deal
  3. Two's A Family, Three's A Crowd
  4. The Undergraduate
  5. For Whom The Wedding Bell Tolls
  6. Tanks For The Memory
  7. You Can't Beat Drums
  8. Tie Wolf
  9. The Grass Is Sometimes Greener
  10. The Eve Of Adam
  11. Romeo And Julia
  12. Hilda's No Help
  13. So's Your Old Uncle
  14. Temper Also Fugits
  15. The Prisoner Of Brenda
  16. The Dates Of Wrath
  17. The Jolly Green Midget
  18. Sioux Me, Don't Woo Me
  19. Charity Begins With Chegley
  20. Gone With The Whim
  21. Father Of The Bribe
  22. Call Me By My Rightful Number
  23. Corey For President
  24. Charlie's Chance
  25. I'll Be Yours
  26. The Divine Divine
  27. Sara's Second Part
  28. Absence Makes The Heart Glow
  29. The Switch Sitters
  30. Bunny Hug
Season 3 (1970-1971)
26 Episodes In Season 3
  1. Ready, Aim, Fired
  2. Half Past Sick
  3. Little Boys Lost
  4. Altar Ego
  5. Tanks Again
  6. Parents Can Be Pains
  7. Long Time No Ski
  8. Bowled Over
  9. Smoke Scream
  10. Kim An' Horror
  11. Magna Cum Lover
  12. Essay Can You See?
  13. That New Black Magic
  14. Two For The Toad
  15. Cousin Of The Bride
  16. Cool Hand Bruce
  17. The Gender Trap
  18. KIDS Is A Four Letter Word
  19. Toast Melba
  20. Strictly For The Birds
  21. Courting Time
  22. Corey's High-Q
  23. Paper Tigers
  24. Anniversary Faults
  25. Swing Low, Sweet Charity
  26. Anyone For Tenants?
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