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Death Comes To Town EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Death Checks In
    Death arrives on the Greyhound bus in the small town of Shuckton, Ontario, at the same time that the townsfolk and the Mayor await news on their bid for the next Olympics. Meet the townsfolk of Shuckton: Crim, the germ-gel smoking town ne'er-do-well; Doc Porterhouse, the friendly town abortionist; Marnie, the loveable pizza delivery woman with the fuzzies; Mayor Larry Bowman and his wife Marilyn, a secret drinker; the Shuckton Action News team; and Ricky, a 600-lb ex-hockey star. Mayor Bowman has an ominous visit from the past.

  • Who Mailed Our Mayor?
    The town bustles with activity when a citizen is found murdered. The police are called in to begin their investigation, first accusing and then eliminating themselves as suspects. Action News anchor Corrinda is awoken from a drunken one-night stand by her producer Levon, and called into action. Dusty, the town coroner, attends to the crime scene and bags his evidence. Town ne'er-do-well Crim is discovered at the crime scene, passed out in his chip truck... with blood on his hands.

  • The Stages Of Grief
    As the town of Shuckton mourns, Dusty begins his autopsy, and ends up taking his work home with him. Meanwhile, the cops review Crim's rap sheet, and Ricky and Marnie begin their own investigation. Corrinda realizes her one-night stand has had consequences, Marilyn is named the new Mayor of Shuckton, and Death goes lookin' for some redheads.

  • Big City Smackdown
    A Big City prosecutor arrives in town for the start of the trial, and public defender Sam Murray struggles to deal with his cat Buttonhole's double coma while simultaneously preparing his defense. Heather Weather conspires to take advantage of Corrinda's predicament to steal her job and Shaye's affections, while Mayor Marilyn discovers some ugly truths about her husband.

  • The Butterfly Is To Blame
    As the trial gets underway, housebound Ricky sends Marnie into the field to continue his investigation. Corrinda wrestles with a tough decision. Death gets a call, and kicks his ladies out of the No-Tell. Dusty hides a love that dare not speak its name, and young Rampop witnesses another murder in the town - between two butterflies.

  • Cause Of Death
    When another murder occurs in Shuckton, Sam requests a mistrial, while Big City uses the shape-shifting defense. Dusty is called to testify revealing that his autopsy was never completed and the judge orders the body exhumed. Death gets a visit from the Shuckton Five-O. Ricky and Marnie's investigation surpasses the police as they discover both the murder weapon... and something even more shocking.

  • Serious Shocking News
    Shuckton is stunned by the news of Dusty's one-sided love affair. Buttonhole the cat has some unfortunate accidents. The lawyers perform their final summations in Crim's trial and Sam's goes really well - until the end. Ricky makes yet another even more shocking discovery! Death gets paged again.

  • Dead Man Walking
    Mayor Marilyn is in top form, hosting her first public execution. Ricky and Marnie show up at the execution in the nick of time, and Marnie makes the most shocking revelation of all. Death finally gets to face off against Ricky.
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