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Pushing Daisies

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King Of The Crown EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pilot
    Cyrus Frakes, renowned beauty pageant coach, and his team have to pull out all the stops to help Caitlin overcome her fear of public speaking and help Kaleigh shape up in time to compete.

  • The Southern Belle vs. The Bombshell
    Mae Anne is the wholesome girl next door. Margaret Ann is the sexy girl you wish lived next door. It's The Southern Belle vs. The Bombshell and only one has what it takes to be crowned The Peanut Queen!

  • Once A Beauty Queen, Always A Beauty Queen
    Sydney Lifchez is charming, but lives in the shadow of her stepmother, Donna - a former Miss South Carolina pageant winner. No matter what Sydney does, she can never quite live up to Donna's former glory. Cy must lead her to success and independence.

  • He Was Outta Here Faster Than A First Runner Up
    Jahira is a 12-year-old from a military family. When her mom announces that she is being deployed to Iraq, Cyrus recruits Jahira's step-dad to learn the duties of a pageant-mom so that Jahira can continue doing pageants.

  • Her Hair Weighed 200 Lbs.
    Stella is a 19-year-old pageant contestant with a killer swimsuit body. When Stella decides to risk her pageant career by getting a tattoo, Cyrus must find a way to change her mind. Meanwhile, Cyrus pulls a random girl out of a mall and transforms her.

  • I Like Big Crowns And I Cannot Lie
    Amanda decides to make her return to pageant competitions. If she doesn't do well, it could tarnish her reputation as a pageant coach as well as the reputation of Cyrus' company. Cyrus must also prepare their newest clients for competition.

  • Battle Of The Blondes
    Kaleigh Hill and Jordan Dawkins go toe to toe at the national pageant in Myrtle Beach, where it becomes the ultimate battle of the blondes.

  • The Family That Pageants Together, Stays Together
    The Fox family went from showing horses to "showing their daughters" in pageants. Cyrus must get both sisters to focus on winning the crown without killing each other!
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