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Little Chocolatiers EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pilot
    teve and Katie not only need to produce 600 chocolate dice for a casino night party - they're asked to build a life-sized, all chocolate flower garden for a couple's fifth anniversary, but wonder how to complete a project that's bigger than they are. Then disaster is imminent when the air conditioner in their shop goes down... can they save the chocolate? Meanwhile, Steve must overcome his fear of public speaking.

  • For Whom The Chocolate Flows
    Can the Hatches produce a game of Russian roulette using chocolate covered chili peppers? How will the duo finish a chocolate replica of a log cabin with a flowing river and forest of snow-capped fir trees, and beach pebble stone-all made of chocolate?

  • The Color Of Chocolate
    The Hatches work on a life-size pool table made of chocolate; Katie tries to find new ways to market chocolate by going on a reconnaissance mission to a new chocolate spa.

  • Mr. Chocolate's Opus
    Can the Hatches build a life-sized chocolate desk complete with books, pencils, papers and photos-all made of chocolate? What flavor combinations will Steve and Katie discover when they combine chocolate and beer?

  • Say Anything Chocolate
    A photographer invites Katie and Steve to stand in a flood of rain - made of chocolate! Katie and Steve attempt to make a giant chocolate boom box for a couple's celebration of love.

  • Busting Chocolate
    The Hatches attempt to makeover a boss' image by creating a giant chocolate bust of him for his employees to devour. Steve works on a new management style.

  • Bowling For Chocolate
    A female bowling league hires Steve and Katie to create a 16 foot chocolate bowling alley with life-sized pins and balls. Steve visits a local radio show that requires Katie to make a chocolate version of the shows mascot - a lunging weasel.

  • Chocolate Of The Sea
    Steve and Katie take on their latest project - a 6 ft. undersea lanDISCape made entirely of chocolate. Meanwhile the Little Chocolatiers throw an all-chocolate baby shower for 6 pregnant women who are ready to pop.

  • Chocolate On Fire
    The Little Chocolatiers build a life-sized fireplace, made entirely of chocolate, for a family reunion. Kate attempts to make chocolate fruit for a special order fruit basket.

  • Pirates Of The Chocolean
    A kids' book club hires Steve and Katie to make a giant, chocolate treasure chest with all edible skulls, swords, and pirate booty. Steve adopts a pirate accent... poorly.
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