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Pushing Daisies

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The Little Couple EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Little People: Just Married
    Bill Klein and Jen Arnold dated for three years before they married. He bugs her about her driving. It drives her a little crazy. But they are a team and absolutely couldn't live with out each other. They are the average newly married couple in love, except for the fact that they are under four feet tall. The couple is very much on the go. Jen is a neonatologist at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston and Bill owns his own sales, training and telecommunications business in New York, which makes for lots of commuting and long-distance phone calls. On top of managing a long distance relationship and demanding careers, the couple faces the stress of Bill's potentially life-threatening hip replacement surgery and contemplates the risks of planning a family in their first year of marriage.

  • Bill Moves To Houston
    Before she can begin her new job in Houston, newly-wed Jen must travel north one last time to pick up her husband Bill. The couple decides to make the jourey back a little more exciting with a cross country road trip and a pit stop in New Orleans.

  • Jen's Birthday
    It's Jen's birthday and Bill is determined to make it special. Flowers and jewelry just aren't enough for her first birthday as Mrs. Bill Klein, so he whisks Jen out for a romantic dinner after taking her to pick up a specially modified new car.

  • Gym, Spa, Shop 'Til Bill Drops
    It's Bill's first weekend in Houston but Jen has a girl's day planned, so the couple goes their different ways. As Bill sweats up a storm at the gym, Jen enjoys a girls' day of pampering at the spa.

  • Work & Play In Galveston
    Both working impossibly long hours, Bill and Jen always struggle to find free time to spend together. So, when Jen has to lead a workshop on medical simulation in Galveston, TX, Bill tags along, secretly hoping to get her mind off work with a surprise.

  • House Hunting
    The Little Couple decides to take the plunge and begin the process of house hunting. Only one problem, Jen wants something closer to work and the city, while Bill's heart is set on living in a sprawling home in the 'burbs. Can they reach a compromise?

  • One Year Anniversary
    Bill and Jen's first wedding anniversary is only days away but it's hard to focus on romance when they face a mountain of medical bills from Bill's recent surgeries. Can Jen and Bill put aside work and financial tensions long enough to enjoy the day?

  • Leavin' On A Jet Plane
    Bill's off to Baltimore for an extended business trip, leaving Jen to fend for herself in Houston. But he's the trip is not all work and no play; he and his business partner, Michael, find an interesting way to pound away their tension after hours.

  • While The Cat's Away
    Bill's having a guys weekend in Vegas for his brother's bachelor party, leaving Jen just a little nervous. She calls and texts him repeatedly until he finally stops answering, sending her into a panic.

  • Bill's "Honey-Do" List
    Bill sets aside his own busy work schedule to complete Jen's wish list of home improvements. Later, a visit with a teenage girl who is also a little person offers Jen and Bill a chance to put their parenting skills to the test.

  • Hawaii Here We Come, Part 1
    Jen and Bill cannot wait to leave the stresses of work behind them and head off on their first Hawaiian vacation together. After meeting up with friends Lakshmi and Nikhil, it's off to the golf course for some friendly competition.

  • Hawaii Here We Come, Part 2
    With their vacation days in Hawaii numbered, Jen has them booked solid with all that Hawaii has to offer! Between hula lessons, swimming with dolphins, yoga, shopping, and a luau, Bill may find this relaxing trip anything but!

  • The Big Bang Theory
    When Bill and Jen find a note on their apartment door reporting an attempted break-in in the neighborhood, they decide to beef up their personal security. Jen enrolls in a self-defense class and Jen tries a few of her new moves on Bill at home.

  • Wedding Bells Are Ringing
    The Little Couple jets off to Disney World for Bill's younger brother Joey's nuptials - but it's anything but a vacation! When Jen gets a monster migraine the day of the wedding Bill may have to face his best man duties alone.

  • Maybe A Baby?
    Jen and Bill are anxious to start a family but they have concerns about Jen's safety during pregnancy. So, they've made an appointment with an expert on little people pregnancies. But Jen's first challenge will be breaking the news to her concerned mother.
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