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Pushing Daisies

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The Little Couple EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Breaking New Ground
    Bill has a brand new look for summer, so Jen decides it's time to get one of her own when she goes to see her trusted stylist for new do. Later, they must both pick out windows and plumbing fixtures for the foundation of their new future home.

  • Testing, Testing
    As Miguel begins pouring the foundation for Jen and Bill?s future home, they, too, need to start laying the foundation to build their family. This means a visit to Dr. Hickman at Houston IVF, but will the tests give them positive hope for a future baby?

  • There's An Art To It
    For their second wedding anniversary, our Little Couple decides to keep things low-key, but that won't that won't stop Bill from making things special as he gives Jen two of everything - flowers, cards, and kisses.

  • Runway Dreams
    It's not your typical date night for the little couple as they head to their first ever fashion show featuring spring dresses by celebrity designer, Chloe Dao. Things get more exciting when Chloe shows Jen how she's going to make a dress for her.

  • Spotlight On Jen
    Jen has been asked to speak at a prestigious pediatric conference in Atlanta. After, she will get to premiere her custom-made Chloe Dao gown at the gala reception. Bill upgrades his tux to match.

  • It's Comedy Tonight!
    Bill and Jen are in New York City to celebrate Bill's company's five-year anniversary. While they're in the Big Apple, Bill takes a stand-up comedy class and performs on stage.

  • A House Taking Shape
    Bill and Jen's home build is moving quickly. For the first time, Bill & Jen can really feel what the house will be like. Then, Bill is off to New Orleans for his brother Tommy?s bachelor party, while Jen does another overnight at TCH.

  • Just The Facts, Please
    Bill heads off to a sales conference in Waterloo, IA, where he's giving his first ever keynote speech. Before leaving, he and Jen finish their internet profile for the Center for Surrogate Parenting. While away, Jen spends another long day at the NICU.

  • A Little FAQ
    Bill and Jen field viewer questions large and small. We'll go behind the scenes to offer an inside view of the couple over the past three seasons of filming.

  • New House, New Hormones!
    Jen and Bill spend a free Saturday checking up on the construction of their home. Tensions rise as couple decides on a paint color for the house and the placement of Jen's home office. Then, it's time for Jen's first injection of fertility medication.

  • Cruisin' To The Caribbean
    Bill and Jen hit the high seas when Bill's brother Tommy gets married and invites the entire family on a cruise to the Bahamas. After three days of relaxation and adventure, Jen and Bill may never want to go home!

  • We Have A Project
    Jen's parents arrive from Florida, but Dave and Judy's visit is more than just social. With the prospect of Bill and Jen giving them a grandchild, they're considering relocating to Houston.

  • Rocky's Companion
    It's chore day for Bill and Jen. When Jen tells him she's having hip pain, Bill steps up, taking on her tasks so she can rest. While he sweats in the backyard, Jen sips iced tea in the air-conditioned living room, looking at dog adoption sites online.

  • What's Up, Doctors?
    Bill and Jen head to Los Angeles for Jen's appearance on the TV show, The Doctors. It's a great opportunity for Jen as she'll be sitting on the panel as a Neonatology expert alongside the four celebrity doctors that host the show.

  • Great Egg-Spectations
    Jen and Bill are back in LA for their first attempt to retrieve some of Jen?s eggs so they can have a baby with a surrogate mother. They head to the doctor for an ultrasound to find out if their baby dreams are finally about to come true.

  • Las Vegas Tails
    Jen and Bill, along with pups Rocky and Maggie, are in Las Vegas to meet up with Jen?s parents, Judy and Dave. Since Bill and Dave are looking into opening a pet boutique in Houston, they decide to attend the PetZoo convention and start making contacts.

  • 24 Hours In The NICU
    Jen is headed into the NICU for a 24 hour on call service. It's utterly exhausting, but for Jen, completely satisfying knowing she has seen these dangerously ill infants through another fragile day of life.

  • Pushing The House Forward
    Jen and Bill's new house construction is moving right along. While Jen is needed on a challenging case at the hospital, Bill does his best to communicate her strong visions for the look of the house.

  • This Changes Everything
    This is a big week for The Little Couple: Bill's parents are visiting from Florida and a big conversation with Dr. Boostanfar, their fertility specialist, is on the horizon.
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