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Pushing Daisies

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The Little Couple EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • Third Time's A Charm?
    Determined to press on with the path of surrogacy, Bill and Jen have switched fertility medications. With the discovery of two mature eggs, will the extraction be a success worth celebrating or will the Little Couple be sent back to the square one?

  • Any Way We Want It
    Bill and Jen travel to Atlanta to speak at a convention about adapting and customizing things in a life with special needs. With their new house and Bill's new car shopping, the Little Couple proves life can be less of a struggle and more of a joyride.

  • Yee Haw!
    With Jen's parents Dave and Judy in town, it's a perfect opportunity to hit the legendary Houston Rodeo. There, they check out the festivities, do some shopping and Bill finally breaks down and buys himself a real Texas cowboy hat!

  • Off The Deep End
    This is one crazy week for The Little Couple. As Jen leaves for a 24-hour on-call shift at the hospital, Bill goes to check how the pool is moving along.

  • The Home Stretch
    Jen's mom, Judy is in Houston to see Jen and Bill and celebrate her birthday. The Little Couple is eager to show her the progress on their new house. While Jen and Judy shop, Bill makes Judy a birthday surprise; a homemade cake in the shape of a horse.

  • Dr. Arnold Goes To Washington
    The Little Couple goes to Washington D.C. to see the sights and lobby a congressman! Jen has been asked to give the keynote speech at a simulation conference and lobby for a bill that will fund medical simulation training.

  • Hooray For Hollywood!
    After Jen and Bill get a promising call from Dr. Boostanfar about their recent tests in the path to starting a family, they head back to Los Angeles. But what was planned as a quick fly-in and a speedy procedure has turned into a waiting game.

  • It's Valentine's Day?
    The Little Couple is still in Los Angeles, stuck in the sunshine as they wait for Jen's eggs to grow large enough to be extracted. Tension is high after their previous failure, will they succeed this time around and harvest an egg they can fertilize?

  • In Laws! Incoming!
    Jen's parents, Dave and Judy are planning to move to Houston, but will need a place to live until they settle in. The big question is where? Will Bill and Jen's new house have enough space to accommodate all of them?

  • Another Egg-Cellent Attempt
    Jen's fertility medication has her swollen with new egg follicles. After a long day in the NICU, Jen and Bill race off to Los Angeles for another attempt at extracting eggs. If they can get a few more, Jen may not need to go through the procedure again.

  • Big Apple Anniversary
    Bill and Jen are celebrating their third anniversary in New York City and they're both full of surprises.

  • New House Delays
    The new house is all lit up for the first time, but Bill and Jen's excitment is short lived. They are still several weeks to go before they can take possession and move in. The pressure rises to finish as the lease on their rental house is running out.

  • The Match Game
    Bill and Jen are invited to do a presentation at a local elementary school. They are asked to speak to kids about bullying. Then, Bill and Jen get the phone call they've been waiting for. It's time for them to meet their potential surrogate face-to-face!

  • Will You Be My Surrogate?
    The road to becoming parents has been a long one for The Little Couple. Finally, they meet Cindy and James, the couple that may be their surrogate family.

  • See You Later, Alligator?
    Jen works with a local interior designer while Bill goes camping with his friend Dave. She warns him about the alligators that inhabit the state park where he'll be roughing it and though he laughs off her concerns, he'll soon finds out how right she is.

  • Uncle Bill
    Bill and Jen head to Florida to meet their new nephew, Riley.

  • Mother Knows Best
    Jen's mom comes to town and helps Jen and Bill pack up their rental house. Later, the couple's interior designer shows them his plans for their new house.

  • There's No Place Called Home
    Jen and Bill's new home nears completion. In the meantime, they search for a temporary place to stay while Jen's parents visit from Florida.

  • You Bowl Me Over
    Jen and Bill go bowling with Jen's parents, escaping the cramped quarters of their rental apartment.

  • Home At Last
    Bill and Jen's custom-built dream home is finally finished. They sign the closing papers and then celebrate with some champagne.

  • It's All By Design!
    he move into a new home coincides with news that Jen is pregnant.

  • The Start Of Something Big
    Bill and Jen visit their fertility specialist to prepare to transfer their embryos to their surrogate. They learn that the chances of both embryos surviving genetic testings are slim, and must decide if they're willing to test at all.

  • A Little More Q&A
    Jen and Bill answer viewer questions. Also: a behind-the-scenes look at the making of "Little Couple."

  • Are We Pregnant?
    The embryos are transferred to the surrogate.
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