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Pushing Daisies

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The Little Couple EpisodesSeason 5    

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  • Getting Back On Track
    Bill and Jen haven't given up on their desire to start a family despite a miscarriage by their surrogate, Cindy.

  • A Little Thanks
    Bill and Jen celebrate their first Thanksgiving in their new home by hosting dinner for their friends.

  • Can We Deck The Halls?
    Jen hires a decorator to get the new house ready for Christmas and a visit from Bill's family for the holidays.

  • Man Cave/Woman Cave
    Bill works on building a man cave by refinishing the garage floor, while Jen enhances a closet for her personal space.

  • Four Little Embryos
    Bill and Jen try another procedure to transfer their embryos to their surrogate, Cindy, despite her previous miscarriage.

  • A Store Is Born
    Bill's plans to open a pet store include choosing the right location and hiring new employees. Meanwhile, Jen weighs in on the store's design.

  • A Very Klein Christmas
    Bill and Jen welcome their families for Christmas, but the holiday celebration is overshadowed by concerns about their surrogate, Cindy.

  • Ready, Set, Relax!
    Bill surprises Jen with a trip to Galveston for a relaxing weekend at the beach, but the topic of becoming parents is never far from their minds.

  • Grand Opening Weekend
    Bill's new pet store, Rocky & Maggie's, is open for business, but the results of Jen's latest ultrasound mean a trip to Los Angeles for egg extraction during the Grand Opening Weekend.

  • New Leash On Life
    Bill brings in a pet psychic to the store, while Jen checks out a new addition at the hospital when the couple try to focus on their jobs to get past a personal setback.

  • The Cocktail Party
    To celebrate a collaboration between Texas Children's Hospital and the Houston Fire Department that establishes a training program to help pediatric patients, Bill and Jen host a cocktail party, but first they have to choose a menu and clean the house.

  • A Little Bit Country
    Bill tags along when Jen is the keynote speaker at a health-care conference in Nashville.

  • A Little State Pride
    Jen & Bill take road trip from Houston to San Antonio.They have been in Texas for four years now and there's still so much of the state they have yet to explore. The Little couple reminisce about their first year in Houston and plans for a family.

  • Adopting A New Approach
    Ever since they decided to become parents, Bill and Jen have considered adopting a child. But now they are taking the next step have and set up a meeting with the founder of an organization dedicated to finding parents for kids with special needs.
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