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Pushing Daisies

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The Little Couple EpisodesSeason 6    

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  • Zoey Makes 4
    Jen and Bill go on a trip to India to pick up their adopted daughter, Zoey, but they wonder how Will will react upon meeting his new baby sister.

  • The Unexpected
    Jen begins to feel ill on the way to New Delhi while she and Bill are in India to pick up their daughter, Zoey, and she must make a difficult decision that will affect the whole family.

  • We're In This Together
    Bill finishes Zoey's adoption in India by himself, but the family are soon reunited in Houston, where they face a difficult crisis together.

  • Our First Christmas
    Christmastime for Jen and Bill means celebrating their first holiday as parents.

  • Our New Normal
    Bill and Jen adjust to life with a second child.

  • Ring The Bell!
    Jen's oncologist visits with news after her latest treatment. Meanwhile, Jen and Bill discuss the challenges of raising a family while she deals with cancer.

  • San Fran, Here We Come!
    Jen goes to San Francisco to give a speech at a conference, but it turns into a family vacation when Bill, Will and Zoey tag along to make sure she follows her doctor's orders to take it easy.

  • Tea Time With Zoey
    Bill takes Will to work so Jen can have some time to bond with Zoey.

  • Will's Birthday Party
    Will turns 4, but Jen and Bill want his first birthday in the U.S. to be special, so they plan a safari-theme party at the zoo.

  • Just What The Doctor Ordered
    Health and well-being checkups for the Kleins include Will's weekly speech therapy; Zoey's basic screenings; and physical therapy for Jen to improve her strength.

  • A Grand Time With Grandma
    Jen goes back to work and helps organize a press conference to announce her illness and discuss her treatment. Later, she and Bill head to New York so his mother can meet Zoey.

  • Back To Business
    Bill goes to Orlando for a Pet Expo with his mother-in-law, while Jen catches up on meetings and projects at the hospital, but also has to watch the kids and care for her mother's three dogs.

  • All You Wanted To Know
    Questions from viewers are fielded by Jen and Bill, who discuss their growing family, parenting challenges and Jen's health scare.

  • First Easter Together
    Jen has to work on Easter, but makes it home in time for a family trip to a local farm, where they pick strawberries and participate in an Easter egg hunt.

  • Jen's Big 4-0
    Jen gets ready to turn 40 and thinks the family are going to the beach in Galveston, Texas, but Bill has a surprise in store for her milestone birthday.

  • I Do... Again!
    Bill reveals his surprise of a vow-renewal ceremony to Jen, but keeps the details a secret, and even though she tries to pry more information from him, the whole affair could be at the mercy of Mother Nature.
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