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Pushing Daisies

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The Little Couple EpisodesSeason 7    

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  • Have A Little Faith
    Will and Zoey are baptized in Florida. Later, the family is on the road again for a trip to Washington, D.C.

  • Device Free Day
    The family go to the beach in Galveston, Texas, for some time away from their electronic gadgets, and while there, Bill and Will head to the pier to try to catch some fish for supper. Later, Jen goes for her six-month oncology checkup.

  • First Week Of School
    The first day of preschool gives Jen a chance to take some memorable photos. Later, the kids take swim lessons, but Zoey is a slightly slower learner than Will.

  • Zoey's Birthday Party
    Zoey's about to turn 3, so Jen plans a birthday party with a farm theme in honor of her daughter's favorite song, "Old MacDonald Had a Farm." Also: a family trip to Delaware for the kids' annual checkups.

  • Bill's Birthday Surprise
    A trip to a pumpkin patch helps Will and Zoey learn about Halloween before Bill has to leave for back surgery. Later, Bill gets a surprise from Jen and the kids for his 40th birthday.

  • Bill's Surgery
    Bill has surgery to alleviate back pain. Then, Will and Zoey have a first-time trick-or-treat outing during Halloween.

  • Lift Off!
    A new season begins six weeks after Bill's back surgery, and he and Jen take a trip to New York for a checkup with his doctor. Later, the family visits NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston.

  • A Little Holiday Spirit
    Jen's parents visit to help the family decorate for Christmas, and Will and Zoey get into the spirit of giving by helping to fill stockings with toys for young patients at Texas Children's Hospital.

  • New Adventures
    Will takes karate lessons while Zoey signs up for ballet classes when Jen and Bill decide it's time for their children to try some extracurricular activities. Also: Bill enlists the kids' help for a special project at home.

  • Will's 5th Birthday
    Will turns 5, and this year it's Bill's turn to plan his birthday party instead of Jen. Also: Will's room gets a makeover.

  • An Open Book
    The family go to New York when Jen and Bill have appointments with an orthopedic surgeon and a meeting with their book's publisher, but they also find time to visit Central Park, where the kids play with remote-controlled sailboats and go for a carriage ride with Bill's mom and stepdad.

  • The Adoption Years
    A look back at the couple's journey to parenthood.

  • A Little Q&A
    Jen and Bill field questions from viewers, including video queries submitted via social media.
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