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Pushing Daisies

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The Little Couple EpisodesSeason 8    

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  • Zoey's 4th Birthday
    Zoey's about to turn 4, and Jen decides on a princess tea party theme for her celebration, but Bill worries that her planning is a bit over the top.

  • Back To School
    The kids get haircuts as the new school year approaches. Also: Bill takes Will grocery shopping for his lunches; and Jen and Zoey go for a mani-pedi.

  • Safety First!
    A visit to a fire station gives Will the thrill of meeting firefighters and riding in a fire truck. Meanwhile, Will and Zoey take a swimming lesson.

  • A Fashion Show
    A fashion show for dogs is an ambitious undertaking for Bill's pet store, but he worries that the attendance could be sparse. Also: The family visit the Children's Museum of Houston.

  • Big Family Changes
    Jen's parents are moving to Florida, the family helps with their garage sale, where Will and Zoey provide cold beverages with a lemonade stand.

  • A Little Trip To The Big Easy
    A photo shoot for the cover of Jen and Bill's new book is harder than it looks when they need the kids to pose for the picture. Later, the family takes a trip to New Orleans, where Jen is slated to deliver a speech.

  • All Aboard
    Jen tackles a huge project at the hospital, so Bill takes the kids to a mini-bowling alley while she's working overtime.

  • Mr. Mom
    Jen's filmed by Jeopardy! at the hospital as a guest clue presenter. Later, she goes to San Diego on a business trip, leaving Bill to take care of the kids, so he plans to make pizzas, play games, visit the community garden and get tattoos.

  • New Challenges
    Jen and Bill have a night out just for adults at a local escape room. Meanwhile, Zoey has her first Indian dance lesson; and the family attends a Chinese lantern festival in Houston.

  • A Little 4-1-1
    A chat with Bill and Jen via social media and video features their thoughts on parenting, issues faced by little people and what's it like having their own reality show.
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