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Pushing Daisies

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The Little Couple EpisodesSeason 9    

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  • A Sheep Is Going To Eat Us!
    Bill returns to Houston to help with recovery efforts following Hurricane Harvey. Then, Jen is a keynote speaker at an event in Scotland, and the whole family tags along on a trip that includes a visit to a distillery, a castle where Will and Zoey feel right at home and Bill's decision to try haggis.

  • Hold On Everybody
    The family is on a kilt quest in memory of their visit to Scotland. Upon arrival in London, Will and Zoey question a royal guard, ride the London Eye, partake in proper British tea and try to re-create the iconic Beatles cover of Abbey Road.

  • He Peed! He Peed!
    It's back to everyday life in Houston, where Bill and Jen are busy with the kids' after-school activities, including karate and speech therapy, while managing their own careers. Meanwhile, Uncle Joe visits so he and Bill can test their pee-pad invention.

  • I'm A Little Boss
    The Kleins go to Charlotte when Jen's nephew is being baptized, and Jen and Bill are chosen to be his godparents. Meanwhile, Will and Zoey surprise their uncle with a homemade birthday cake.

  • I Want To Be President
    The family goes to Washington, D.C., to host an adoption gala, and their trip also includes a visit to Mount Vernon. Meanwhile, Zoey's fifth birthday party is a huge success - until a food fight breaks out.

  • Quack! Quack! Quack!
    It's time for last-minute fun in Washington, D.C., before the family heads to Delaware for Will and Zoey's yearly checkups with specialists. Also: The Kleins relive a tradition that brings both fond memories and tears.

  • I Love Candy!
    One of Jen's best friends from school comes for a visit for the weekend, and it's constant fun as Will and Zoey bond with her children. Then it's time to trick-or-treat as the family heads out in their toy cars for a memorable Halloween night.

  • I'm Not A Baby!
    Bill wants a homemade dinner for his birthday, and it's a team effort to prepare the meal, though Will quickly states it's a disaster. Meanwhile, Will shares some startling news during story time that propels the family to talk about what it means to be little.
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