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Life After People: The SeriesLife After People: The Series  premiered on HST on April 20, 2009. Life After People: The Series: The Series begins in the moments after people disappear. As each day, month, and year passes, the fate of a particular environment, city or theme is disclosed. Special effects, combined with interviews from top experts in the fields of engineering, botany, biology, geology, and archeology provide an unforgettable visual journey through the ultimately hypothetical. As modern metropolises like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC are ravaged by nature; the series exposes the surprising insights about how they function today. Basing this futuristic world on the surprising history of real locations, already abandoned by man, like a century-old shack in the arctic and an abandoned island that was once the most densely populated place on earth are featured in the series. In every episode, viewers will witness the epic destruction of iconic structures and buildings, from the Sears Tower, Astrodome, and Chrysler Building to the Sistine Chapel - allowing viewers to learn how they were built and why they were so significant. Big Ben will stop ticking within days; the International Space Station will plummet to earth within a few short years, while historic objects, like the Declaration of Independence and the mummified remains of King Tutankhamen will remain for decades. The series will also explore the creatures that might take our place. With humans gone, animals will inherit the places where we once lived. Elephants that escape from the LA zoo will thrive in a region once dominated by their ancestors, the wooly mammoth. Alligators will move into sub-tropical cities like Houston - feeding off household pets. Tens of thousands of hogs, domesticated for food, will flourish. In a world without people, new stories of predators, survival and evolution will emerge.

ArticlesShow News    
  • Review of "The Bodies Left Behind" episode from Season 1
Season 1 (2008-2009)
(10 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. The Bodies Left Behind (Original Air Date 4/21/2009)
  2. Outbreak (Original Air Date 4/28/2009)
  3. The Capital Threat (Original Air Date 5/5/2009)
  4. Heavy Metal (Original Air Date 5/12/2009)
  5. The Invaders (Original Air Date 5/19/2009)
  6. Bound And Buried (Original Air Date 5/26/2009)
  7. Sin City Meltdown (Original Air Date 6/2/2009)
  8. Armed & Defenseless (Original Air Date 6/9/2009)
  9. The Road To Nowhere (Original Air Date 6/16/2009)
  10. Waters Of Death (Original Air Date 6/23/2009)
Season 2 (2009-2010)
(10 Episodes In Season 2)
  1. Wrath Of God (Original Air Date 1/5/2010)
  2. Toxic Revenge (Original Air Date 1/12/2010)
  3. Crypt Of Civilization (Original Air Date 1/19/2010)
  4. Last Supper (Original Air Date 1/26/2010)
  5. Home Wrecked Homes (Original Air Date 2/2/2010)
  6. Holiday Hell (Original Air Date 2/9/2010)
  7. Waves Of Devastation (Original Air Date 2/16/2010)
  8. Sky's The Limit (Original Air Date 3/2/2010)
  9. Depths Of Destruction (Original Air Date 3/9/2010)
  10. Take Me To Your Leader (Original Air Date 3/16/2010)
  • Life After People: The Special (Original Air Date 1/21/2008)
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