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Pushing Daisies

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Lincoln Heights EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pilot
    L.A. police officer Eddie Sutton moves his family from the suburbs to the inner-city neighborhood where he grew up, but their new surroundings aren't so welcoming as the kids have trouble adjusting to school and Jenn is unnerved by a home invasion.

  • Suspicion
    The Sutton household is turned upside down when Internal Affairs investigates Eddie's shooting of Donelle, a case that attracts the attention of a media-savvy reverend. Meanwhile, an ex-con is committing violent robberies in the neighborhood.

  • Betrayal
    Eddie and Kevin work with an undercover officer trying to nail a drug dealer at Cassie's school; Lizzie finds herself in a moral dilemma about whether to protect a classmate from humiliation or risk another's friendship.

  • Obsession
    Jenn's sister is unnerved by an ex-boyfriend's alarming behavior; Eddie and Kevin get wind of a human-trafficking operation while investigating a murder near a Chinese restaurant.

  • Spree
    Eddie is drawn into a hostage situation after he's shocked to learn that a bank heist is being attempted by an old high-school friend. Meanwhile, Tay worries about an upcoming music recital and how his clarinet is perceived by the neighborhood kids.

  • Baby Doe
    When Eddie and Jenn find an abandoned baby in their neighborhood, they scramble to learn the identity and whereabouts of the mother. Meanwhile, Lizzie has a case of puppy love, and Cassie's relationship with Charles becomes a distraction for her father.

  • Manchild
    An investigation of a young boy's connection to gang violence conjures up memories of Eddie's childhood and the family that raised him after his mother was killed.

  • Blowback
    Lund is hurt in a hit-and-run incident in which the intended target was Eddie, who makes it his mission to find those responsible. Meanwhile, Jenn enlists in a neighborhood-watch program against her husband's wishes; Lizzie attracts the attention of a popular girl at school; and Cassie gets a job.

  • Abduction
    Eddie's resolve to stay in the neighborhood is tested when a home invasion results in Lizzie's abduction by gang members seeking to avenge Donelle's death in a convenience-store robbery.

  • Missing
    The Suttons are required to go to counseling to deal with the aftermath of Lizzie's kidnapping; Eddie suspects that Lund may be involved in illegal activity when he disappears.

  • Tricks And Treats
    A killer on a spree of murdering prostitutes sets his sights on a childhood friend of Eddie's after she was an accidental witness to his latest crime.

  • House Arrest
    Tay's grandfathers try to put aside their deep-seated differences for the boy's 13th birthday; Eddie mulls an opportunity to take down an elusive adversary.

  • The F Word
    The Suttons find a buyer for their house and see a moving date on the horizon. But they're not sure they're ready to leave the neighborhood they've grown to love, despite the fact that a local thug is gunning for Eddie.
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