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Pushing Daisies

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Lincoln Heights EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Flashpoint
    Eddie is hurt in the ensuing chaos, while Jenn is unsure of their kids' whereabouts.

  • The Peacemaker
    Cassie thinks she's ready to take the next step in her relationship with Charles. In addition, a neighborhood coffee shop run by the NBA's Baron Davis draws her attention. Meanwhile, Eddie's convalescence continues at home, where he tries to set some new ground rules.

  • Grown Folks' Business
    Jenn begins a new job at a local clinic; Eddie decides to visit his father; Lund's estranged daughter becomes friends with Cassie; Lizzie goes on her first date with Johnny Nightingale at the Revolution Coffee Spot.

  • The Old Man And The G
    Eddie's enthusiasm about returning to work is tempered by a visit from Jenn's parents, who arrive with the surprising news that their marriage may be over. Meanwhile, Cassie's friendship with a coworker at the coffee shop makes Charles jealous.

  • The Feeling That We Have
    Cassie's preoccupation with her artistic side is beginning to make Charles feel like an outsider in their relationship; Eddie and Lund try to keep peace in the neighborhood after another shooting escalates the tension between gangs and the police.

  • The Cost Of A T-Shirt
    Eddie mulls a promotion that would take him off his beat, and Jenn has a health scare at the clinic. Meanwhile, Cassie is crushed when Charles breaks up with her, but she gets a lift when Luc secures her a showing in an art gallery.

  • No Way Back
    Staying with the Suttons after a stint in jail, Eddie's father thinks he's found the man who killed his wife 20 years ago. Meanwhile, Cassie feels wary of Luc's intentions, and is still upset when she sees Charles with another girl, and gang violence claims another young victim.

  • An Eye For An Eye
    Spencer's decision to seek revenge on the man who killed his wife creates a dilemma for Eddie; a talent show at the coffee shop presents a platform for the rivalry between Cassie and Sage; Jenn organizes a support group for families affected by gang violence.

  • Out With A Bang
    The shooting of a gang member by a police officer puts Eddie in a difficult position; Cassie pleads with Charles to open up about his troubled past; Lizzie receives another letter from Boa asking her to visit him in jail.

  • The Vision
    Cassie is shaken by the news of a car accident that left Charles seriously injured. Meanwhile, Eddie must shield Tay from a local gang member who threatened him.
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