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Pushing Daisies

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Lincoln Heights EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • Glass House
    Eddie and Jenn are getting ready to return from a romantic getaway when a few thugs break into the Sutton house. Cassie and Charles are upstairs in the house during the break in and find a secret passage way in the attic to hide out. But, when the thugs find them, they hold Cassie and Charles hostage during a hostile police standoff. Meanwhile, Tay, desperate for help with his music and dance moves reaches out to Ruben for some advice.

  • Sex, Lies And Secrets
    Cassie and Charles take the next step in their relationship. Meanwhile, Lizzie must make a decision after she gets an offer to attend a private school; and the Suttons welcome Reverend Kingston and his family to town.

  • The New Wild Ones
    An unhappy Lund starts drinking, while Jenn is displeased with Mrs. Kingston becoming a member of the clinic's board of directors. Elsewhere, Lizzie doesn't feel at home at her new school, and Luc exploits Tay's skills.

  • The Day Before Tomorrow
    Cassie is not happy when Sage moves in with the Suttons, while Jenn is so angry at Mrs. Kingston that she walks out of the clinic. Elsewhere, Lizzie, Tay and Devin try out for a talent show. NBA star Baron Davis guest stars as a coffee-shop owner.

  • Number One With A Bullet
    Eddie inadvertently endangers Tay while trying to halt a robbery that triggers memories from Eddie's past.

  • Disarmed
    The man who put a hit on Eddie's mom is up for release, and Eddie does everything in his power to stop it from happening.

  • Ode To Joy
    The Sutton family copes with the aftermath of Johnny's accident, each in his or her own way.

  • Price You Pay
    While at the recording studio, Tay meets a new girl he likes, but spending time with her gets him in hot water. Elsewhere, Jenn and Cassie join in a protest.

  • Prom Night
    Cassie's parents chaperone the prom, where Cassie must face seeing Charles and Sage together.

  • The Ground Beneath Our Feet
    An earthquake strikes Los Angeles, putting the Suttons at risk of losing everything.
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