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Pushing Daisies

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Lincoln Heights EpisodesSeason 4    

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  • Home Again
    Cassie and Charles learn that police suspect foul play in the death of Charles' stepfather during the devastating earthquake that rocked Lincoln Heights in last season's finale. Eddie is concerned that Charles is taking his daughter down a dangerous path, and Cassie feels pressure to choose between her relationship and her family. Tay falls ill and is rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, Eddie and Jenn make the tough decision to leave their home. Can The Suttons keep their family together in the midst of these challenges?

  • Persons Of Interest
    Charles feels that no one will believe the truth about Mac's death, while Cassie works to prove that she won't abandon him. The fight between Tay and Nate Ray leads to a family rift. Lizzie is stuck between popularity and doing the right thing. And Jenn can no longer hide her discomfort about Eddie's friendship with Dana. Will both Cassie and Charles' relationship and Eddie and Jenn's marriage survive the storm?

  • Aftershock
    Bishop comes back, looking for revenge. Meanwhile, Charles makes a decision regarding the money he found.

  • Time To Let Go
    Charles looks for his dad, and Cassie goes with him. Elsewhere, Lizzie attempts to help a boy in need and uncovers something surprising.

  • Trash
    Lizzie is shaken by her recent attack, but determined to help her new friend find safety, Tay works to find a local thief known as the "Bandana Bandit," and Cassie faces the consequences of her actions with Charles, who spends some quality time with his half-brother. Lizzie is caught in the middle of a local drug ring while trying to help a young friend from the Boys and Girls Club. Meanwhile, Tay vows to make his family proud by bringing a local thief to justice. Charles becomes aware of major differences between his younger brother and himself. And Cassie has to face her parents' disappointment after defying their rules. Can she rebuild Eddie and Jenn's trust?

  • With You I Will Leave
    A letter arrives from the oldest son of the Suttons, Nate Ray, who is deployed on active duty in Afghanistan. Eddie, Jen and the kids struggle with the fears and pressures that come with having a loved one at war. In addition, Cassie goes out to a club to take her mind off of her troubles with Charles, and Jenn discourages Tay from developing a friendship with Jarone, much to Eddie's dismay. Meanwhile, Lizzie and Andrew begin to take their friendship to a new level. Will Lizzie be able to put her former boyfriend's death behind her and welcome someone new into her life?

  • Relative Unknown
    R&B star Trey Songz holds a contest and Tay dazzles him with an inspired performance. But when Eddie's father-son project coincides with his big night, Tay must choose between his dream and his father's feelings. The family chips in to help Jenn through her illness, while Charles admits to Cassie that he has not made any real plans for his future. Will Cassie move on without Charles?

  • The Gathering Storm
    Nate Ray struggles with difficult emotions, having just returned home from fighting in Afghanistan, Lizzie stars in her school play and Cassie and Charles talk about taking a break.

  • Lucky
    Jenn is finally off bed rest and Charles tells Cassie that he's joining the Army. The two surprise everyone by announcing their engagement and because Eddie and Jenn are not entirely supportive, the duo contemplates eloping. Eddie solves a 60-year-old crime involving the racially charged death of a family friend. The Sutton family rallys around Nate Ray, who recently returned from fighting in Afghanistan and is suffering from PTSD.
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