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Whose Line Is It Anyway?Whose Line Is It Anyway? premiered on ABC on August 5, 1998. Based upon UK comedy series of the same name, the show is an improvisational comedy extravaganza. The comedians of the night are given situations, props, and settings and have to make up the comedy as they go. They sometimes work alone, sometimes in pairs, and often as a group. Drew Carey oversees the proceedings, taking suggestions from the audience and giving out random points. But since, as Drew says, the points don't matter it's all just done for fun, as is everything on the show.

Drew Carey
Season 1 (1998-1999)
20 Episodes In Season 1
  1. Pilot (Original Air Date 8/5/1998)
  2. Cinderella Talk-Show/Brad Serenades An Audience Member/Movies Hoedown (Original Air Date 8/12/1998)
  3. Let's Make A Date/Helping Hands/Props/90-Second Alphabet (Original Air Date 8/19/1998)
  4. Hansel And Gretel/Props/Party Quirks/Helping Hands/Wayne Serenades An Audience Member (Original Air Date 8/26/1998)
  5. Weird Newscasters/Hoedown Song About The IRS/Fashion Models (Original Air Date 9/9/1998)
  6. A Rat Pack Duet/Weird Newscasters/Summer-Camp Rap Song (Original Air Date 9/23/1998)
  7. Let's Make A Date/Props/Greatest Hits (Original Air Date 12/9/1998)
  8. Superheroes Tackle The World's Frizzy-Hair Crisis/Newscasters/Lifeguard Songs (Original Air Date 12/16/1998)
  9. Weird Newscasters/Party Quirks/Props/Rap Song About Meeting In The Park (Original Air Date 12/23/1998)
  10. Let's Make A Date/Sound Effects/Hats/Greatest Hits (Original Air Date 12/30/1998)
  11. Hospital Rap Song/Hat Game/Weird Newscasters (Original Air Date 1/6/1999)
  12. Soap Opera Scene/Gospel Serenade To An INS Agent/Hoedown Song About Blind Dates (Original Air Date 1/13/1999)
  13. Let's Make A Date/Hoedown Song About Baldness (Original Air Date 1/20/1999)
  14. Questions/Weird Newscasters/Hoedown Song About Birth (Original Air Date 1/27/1999)
  15. Let's Make A Date/Weird Newscasters/Party Quirks (Original Air Date 2/3/1999)
  16. Weird Newscasters/Greatest Hits/Song About Surgery (Original Air Date 2/10/1999)
  17. Superheroes/Weird Newscasters/Props/Greatest Hits/Helping Hands (Original Air Date 2/17/1999)
  18. Weird Newscasters/Props/Songs About A Pro Bowler And Television (Original Air Date 2/24/1999)
  19. Questions In A Singles Bar/Party Quirks With A Tranquilized Giraffe (Original Air Date 3/3/1999)
  20. Weird Newscasters/Disco Ballad/Wedding Night On The Titanic (Original Air Date 3/17/1999)
Season 2 (1999-2000)
28 Episodes In Season 2
  1. Let's Make A Date/Medieval Torture Victim/Vulture/Props/Songs Of The Dentist/Hoedown Song About Car Salesmen (Original Air Date 9/16/1999)
  2. Weird Newscasters/Scenes From A Hat/Party Quirks/Cruise-Ship Steward; Fast Forward And Rewind/Hyperactive Lap Dog/Hoedown Song About A Common Vice (Original Air Date 9/23/1999)
  3. Weird Newscasters/Songs Of The Exterminator/Hoedown Song About The Village People (Original Air Date 9/30/1999)
  4. Let's Make A Date/Three Headed Broadway Star/World's Worst Cattle Auctioneers (Original Air Date 10/7/1999)
  5. Weird Newscasters/Scenes From A Hat/Hoedown Song About Men/Questions Only (Original Air Date 10/7/1999)
  6. Co-Anchor Seeks Attention/Tina Turner-Style Serenade To Army Man/3-Headed Broadway Star/Hoedown Song About Gambling (Original Air Date 10/14/1999)
  7. Let's Make A Date/Superheroes/Greatist Hits/90 Second Alphabet (Original Air Date 10/21/1999)
  8. Let's Make A Date/Props/Sound Effects/Rock-Opera Duet (Original Air Date 10/28/1999)
  9. Weird Newscasters/Props/Song Styles/Shoplifting Hoedown/90-Second Alphabet (Original Air Date 12/9/1999)
  10. Let's Make A Date/Props/Songs Of The Psychiatrist/World's Worst (Original Air Date 12/16/1999)
  11. Weird Newscasters/Questionable Impressions/Scenes From A Hat/Whose Line/Three-Headed Broadway Star/Hoedown About Puberty (Original Air Date 1/13/2000)
  12. Wedding At A Nudist Colony/Props/Newsflash/Songs Of The Attorneys/Swedish Film (Original Air Date 1/20/2000)
  13. Superheroes/Duet/Party Quirks/90-Second Alphabet (Original Air Date 2/3/2000)
  14. Weird Newscasters/Song Styles/Halloween Hoe-Down (Original Air Date 2/3/2000)
  15. Weird Newscasters/Audience Member/90-Second Alphabet (Original Air Date 2/10/2000)
  16. Superheroes/Songs Of The Pizza Place90 Second Alphabet (Original Air Date 2/17/2000)
  17. Superheroes/Song Styles/Millionaire/You're Ugly Hoe-Down (Original Air Date 2/24/2000)
  18. Let's Make A Date/Scene To Rap/Props/Greatest Hits'Questions (Original Air Date 3/2/2000)
  19. Weird Newscasters/Serenade/Sound Effects/Scene To Rap (Original Air Date 3/9/2000)
  20. Questions/Song Styles/Sound Effects/Newsflash/What Penguins Are Really Thinking/Motown Group/Foreign Film Dub (Original Air Date 3/16/2000)
  21. Let's Make A Date/Song Styles/Party Quirks/Improbable Mission/Three Headed Broadway Star (Original Air Date 3/23/2000)
  22. Weird Newscasters/Duet/Whose Line/Party Quirks'/Scenes From A Hat'/Cable Company Hoe-Down (Original Air Date 4/6/2000)
  23. Weird Newscasters/Scenes To Rap/Props/Newsflash/Songs Of The Doctor/Questions Only (Original Air Date 4/27/2000)
  24. Weird Newscasters/Film Dub/Questionable Impressions/Songs Of The Plumber/90 Second Alphabet (Original Air Date 5/4/2000)
  25. Superheroes/Let's Make A Date/Duet/Whose Line/Scenes From A Hat (Original Air Date 5/4/2000)
  26. Film, TV & Theatre Styles/Film Dub/Quick Change/Motown Group/If You Know What I Mean/Songs Of The Wrestler (Original Air Date 5/11/2000)
  27. Questions Only/Film, TV And Theatre/Old Job, New Job/Songs Of The Private Eye/The Game Show Host's Hoe-Down (Original Air Date 5/18/2000)
  28. Film, Theatre And TV/Song Titles/Newsflash/The Plastic Surgeon Hoe-Down/Foreign Film Dub (Original Air Date 5/18/2000)
Season 3 (2000-2001)
36 Episodes In Season 3
  1. Weird Newscasters/Song Styles/What Are You Trying to Say?/Irish Drinking Song (Original Air Date 10/12/2000)
  2. Let's Make A Date/Do The Sewer Worker/You Are My Butterstick (Original Air Date 10/12/2000)
  3. Greatest Hit/Duet/Whenever I See Your Teeth/Hollywood Director/Themed Restaurant (Original Air Date 10/19/2000)
  4. Weird Newscasters/Sound Effects/Irish Drinking Song About Ross Perot/Song Styles/World's Worst Things To Do Or Say On A Date (Original Air Date 10/19/2000)
  5. Survival Show/Reunion/Scenes From A Hat/Songs Of The Safari/Props (Original Air Date 10/26/2000)
  6. Let's Make A Date/Duet'/Irish Drinking Song/Foreign Film Dub (Original Air Date 11/2/2000)
  7. Weird Newscasters/Scenes From A Hat/Party Quirks/Songs Of The Taxi Driver (Original Air Date 11/2/2000)
  8. Film, TV & Theatre Styles/Song Styles/Narrate/Lottery Hoe-Down (Original Air Date 11/9/2000)
  9. Guest Robin Williams (Original Air Date 11/16/2000)
  10. Superheroes/Duet/Scenes From A Hat/Don't Touch My Blowhole Song (Original Air Date 11/23/2000)
  11. Let's Make A Date/Props/Scene To RapStand, Sit, Bend (Original Air Date 11/23/2000)
  12. Superheroes/Duet/Sound Effects/Irish Drinking Song/Props (Original Air Date 11/30/2000)
  13. Let's Make A Date/Film Dub/Film, TV And Theatre/Songs Of The Zookeeper/Props (Original Air Date 12/14/2000)
  14. Superheroes/Greatest Hits/Songs Of The Scoutmaster/Worst Person To Be Stranded With On A Desert Island (Original Air Date 1/4/2001)
  15. Let's Make A Date/Whose Line/Sound Effects (Original Air Date 1/11/2001)
  16. Film, TV And Theatre Styles/Duet/Song Titles/Plastic Surgery Hoedown (Original Air Date 1/25/2001)
  17. Weird Newscasters/Film Dub/Questionable Impressions (Original Air Date 2/1/2001)
  18. Weird Newscasters/Narrate/Duet/The Blind Date Hoedown'/Three Headed Broadway Sta/I Love You For Your Shoes (Original Air Date 2/8/2001)
  19. Weird Newscasters/Party Quirks/Songs Of The Nurse/Three-Headed Broadway Star (Original Air Date 2/15/2001)
  20. Guest Performers: Brad Sherwood And Greg Proops (Original Air Date 2/21/2001)
  21. Hollywood Director/Song Styles/West Side Story/Sound Effects/Hats (Original Air Date 2/21/2001)
  22. Questionable Impressions/Film, TV And Theatre Styles/Song About Lobotomy/Film Dub (Original Air Date 2/22/2001)
  23. Superheroes/Sound Effects/You've Got A Beautiful Bald Spot/I Got Mugged/Helping Hands (Original Air Date 3/15/2001)
  24. Let's Make A Date/Narrat/Song Styles/Millionaire/The Sky-Diving Hoedown (Original Air Date 3/22/2001)
  25. Superheroes/2-Line Vocabulary/Scenes From A Hat/Songs Of The Traveling Salesman (Original Air Date 3/22/2001)
  26. Weird Newscasters/Doo Wop/Do The Trucker/Narrate/Songs Of The Bee Keeper (Original Air Date 3/29/2001)
  27. Sound Effects/Scenes From A Hat/Improbable Mission (Original Air Date 4/5/2001)
  28. Questions Only/African Chant/The Millionaire Game/Got Arrested Hoedown (Original Air Date 4/12/2001)
  29. Hollywood Director/Duet/Sound Effects/Three-Headed Broadway Star/Whenever I See Your Warts (Original Air Date 4/19/2001)
  30. Film, TV & Theatre Styles/Song Styles/Millionaire/Motown (Original Air Date 4/26/2001)
  31. Superheroes/Wedding/Songs Of The Safari/Three Headed Broadway Star (Original Air Date 5/3/2001)
  32. Let's Make A Date/Film, TV And Theatre/Party Quirks/Three Headed Broadways Star/90-Second Alphabet (Original Air Date 5/4/2001)
  33. Weird Newscasters/Sound Effects/Song Titles/Film, TV And Theater Styles/Do the Shower/Talk-Show Hoedown (Original Air Date 5/10/2001)
  34. Number Of Words/Song Styles/Show-Stopping Number/Scenes From A Hat (Original Air Date 5/17/2001)
  35. Hollywood Director/Infomercial/Action Replay/Greatest Hits/Props (Original Air Date 5/18/2001)
  36. Let's Make A Date/Two Line Vocabulary/Greatest Hits/Songs Of Las Vegas/World's Worst (Original Air Date 6/14/2001)
Season 4 (2001-2002)
25 Episodes In Season 4
  1. Remote Control/Let's Make A Date/Sound Effect/Doo Wop/Props (Original Air Date 9/6/2001)
  2. Living Scenery/Song Styles/Two-Line Vocabulary/Part Quirk/Show-Stopping Number (Original Air Date 9/6/2001)
  3. Press Conference/Show Stopping Number/Dubbing With An Audience Member/Doctor Hoedown (Original Air Date 9/20/2001)
  4. Questions Only/Sound Effects/Scenes From A Hat/Greatest Hits/Irish Drinking Song (Original Air Date 9/27/2001)
  5. Too Hot For Whose Line 1 (Original Air Date 10/3/2001)
  6. Let's Make A Date/Title Sequence/Scenes From A Hat/Party Quirks/Family Reunion Hoedown (Original Air Date 10/4/2001)
  7. Weird Newscasters/Song Styles/Newsflash/Songs Of The Race Car Driver/Got Arrested Hoedown (Original Air Date 10/11/2001)
  8. Let's Make A Date/Newsflash/Whose Line/Weird Newscasters/Irish Drinking Song (Original Air Date 10/18/2001)
  9. Too Hot For Whose Line 2 (Original Air Date 10/25/2001)
  10. Too Hot For Whose Line 3 (Original Air Date 11/7/2001)
  11. Whoopi Goldberg (Original Air Date 11/14/2001)
  12. Special Edition Salutes American Television With Sid Caesar (Original Air Date 11/21/2001)
  13. Weird Newscasters/Two-Line Vocabulary/Quick Change/Scenes From A Hat/Irish Drinking Song (Original Air Date 11/28/2001)
  14. Weird Newscasters/Title Sequence/Scenes From A Hat/Improbable Mission/Irish Drinking Song/Props (Original Air Date 12/5/2001)
  15. Hollywood Director/Party Quirks/Title Sequence/Helping Hands (Original Air Date 12/12/2001)
  16. Meet the Parents/Song Styles/Weird Newscasters/Songs of the Teacher/Foreign Film Dub (Original Air Date 12/19/2001)
  17. Questions Only/Hollywood Director/Song Styles/Number Of Words/Helping Hands/Props (Original Air Date 1/24/2002)
  18. Superheroes/Multiple Personalities/Scenes From A Hat/Greatest Hits/Sportscasters (Original Air Date 1/24/2002)
  19. Awards Show/Duet/Scenes From A Hat/Living Scenery/Props (Original Air Date 1/31/2002)
  20. Superheroes/Sound Effects/Newsflash/Scenes From A Hat/Backstreet Boys Hoedown (Original Air Date 2/7/2002)
  21. Too Hot For Whose Line 4 (Original Air Date 2/12/2002)
  22. Too Hot For Whose Line 5 (Original Air Date 2/12/2002)
  23. Weird Newscasters/Scenes From A Hat/Two Line Vocabulary/Songs Of The Airline Attendant/Foreign Film Dub (Original Air Date 3/7/2002)
  24. Hollywood Director/Song Styles/Newsflash/Living Scenery/Scenes From A Hat/World's Worst (Original Air Date 3/14/2002)
  25. Let's Make A Date/Film Dub/Props/Songs Of The Retirement Album (Original Air Date 4/11/2002)
Season 5 (2002-2003)
16 Episodes In Season 5
  1. Whoopi Goldberg (Original Air Date 9/9/2002)
  2. Hollywood Director/Song Styles/Scenes From A Hat/Living Scenery/Props (Original Air Date 9/16/2002)
  3. Award Show/Party Quirks/I've Got A Secret/Scenes From A Hat/Bartender/Props (Original Air Date 9/23/2002)
  4. Change Letter/Duet/If You Know What I Mean/Helping Hands (Original Air Date 9/30/2002)
  5. Superheroes/Song Styles/Multiple Personalities/Funera/Scenes From A Hat/Irish Drinking Song/Props (Original Air Date 10/7/2002)
  6. Questions Only/News Flash/Song Styles/Scenes From A Hat (Original Air Date 10/21/2002)
  7. Make A Monster/Scenes From A Hat/Weird Newscasters/Hats/Helping Hands (Original Air Date 10/28/2002)
  8. Questions Only/Hollywood Director/Song Styles/Number Of Words/Props (Original Air Date 11/15/2002)
  9. Superheroes/Scenes From A Hat/Stand, Sit, Lie/Party Quirks/Show-Stopping Number,/Helping Hands (Original Air Date 11/29/2002)
  10. Let's Make A Date/Film Dub/Film, TV And Theatre/Living Scenery/Props (Original Air Date 12/6/2002)
  11. Hollywood Director/Newsflash/Song Styles/Daytime Talk Show/3-Headed Broadway Star (Original Air Date 12/20/2002)
  12. Questions Only/Living Scenery/Film Dub/Party Quirks/Helping Hands (Original Air Date 1/17/2003)
  13. Let's Make A Date/Drew Carey: The Musical/Dubbing/Scenes From A Hat/Greatest Hits/Props (Original Air Date 1/24/2003)
  14. Press Conference/Sound Effects/Duet/Living Scenery'/Irish Drinking Song (Original Air Date 2/14/2003)
  15. Questions With Wigs/Scenes From A Hat/Weird Newscasters'/Irish Drinking Song (Original Air Date 4/3/2003)
  16. Backwards Scene/Duet/Weird Newscasters/Boogie Woogie Sisters/Scenes From A Hat/Hoedown (Original Air Date 4/10/2003)
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway: Season 1, Vol. 1 And 2 (Uncensored)
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