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DescriptionShow Description    

The Lyon's DenThe Lyon's Den  premiered on NBC on September 28, 2003. When the managing partner of the prestigious law office of Lyon, LaCrosse & Levine falls to his death under mysterious circumstances, an unlikely candidate is chosen to replace him - Jack Turner (Rob Lowe). But Jack's passion is operating the firm's tiny, inner city law clinic, taking on the impossible cases LL&L never would. Plus, there's an undercurrent of treachery which seems to permeate throughout the entire law house. Yet, because it's his best hope to keep the clinic open, Jack reluctantly accepts the job. Now he's at the center of an ominous ensemble of conspiring fellow attorneys, ambitious paralegals and the system's most secretive and powerful players. A man has to be careful in this Lyon's Den, or he'll be next to take the fall. As if Jack didn't know that already.

CastShow Cast    
John "Jack" Turner
Rob Lowe
George Riley
Matt Craven
Ariel Saxon
Elizabeth Mitchell
Grant Rashton
Kyle Chandler
Terrance Christianson
James Pickens, Jr.
Brit Hanley
Frances Fisher
Jeff Fineman
David Krumholtz
EpisodesShow Episodes    
Season 1 (2003-2004)
13 Episodes In Season 1
  1. Pilot (Original Air Date 9/28/2003)
  2. The Other Side Of Caution (Original Air Date 10/5/2003)
  3. Things She Said (Original Air Date 10/12/2003)
  4. Hubris (Original Air Date 10/19/2003)
  5. Trick Or Treat (Original Air Date 10/26/2003)
  6. Ex (Original Air Date 11/30/2003)
  7. The Fifth (Unaired)
  8. The Quantum Theory (Unaired)
  9. Separation Anxiety (Unaired)
  10. Blood (Unaired)
  11. Duty To Save (Unaired)
  12. Beach House (Unaired)
  13. Privileged (Unaired)
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