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Man vs. Cartoon EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Rube Goldberg Competition
    The engineering students of New Mexico Tech take the stage for a staggeringly ambitious rendition of one of Wile E. Coyote's most convoluted and ill-conceived contraptions: a notorious multi-stage device involving everything from speeding bullets, rapidly growing flowers, cannonballs, flying boots, and a generous portion of dynamite. Splitting the device from the cartoon "Wild About Hurry" into parts, three teams of students engage in a little friendly competition to recreate a seemingly impossible machine.

  • Rocket Skates/Pendulum Bomb
    First, it's the student's turn at an Acme-endorsed death contraption when they bolster their engineering education by strapping Casey the stunt man into a pair of verifiably unsafe rocket-boosted roller skates. Then, the engineers take the stage by attaching a lethal payload of unstable explosives to a dangling rope. Will they be able time a pendulum-rigged explosion to singe their Road Runner target, and not themselves?

  • Pendulum Spear/Boulder Drop
    Two of the most devious and unsuccessful plans ever plotted by Wile E. Coyote are tested and recreated by the Man vs. Cartoon engineering team. First, the team attempts the infamous trap in which the Coyote rigged himself as a pendulum, armed with a spear, swinging headfirst towards the unsuspecting Road Runner. The coyote smashed headfirst into the desert highway. Can Casey, the stuntman, avoid the same fate? Then, the team tackles an all-time classic: the boulder drop. Can they find the right cliff, the right rock, and the right moment to succeed where the Coyote failed so many times, crushing the Road Runner beneath two tons of rubble?

  • Fan Skates/Cannonball Rocket Sled
    First up, it's one of the Coyote's worst plans, reenacted by a group of enthusiastic New Mexico Tech Students, eager to complete their education. Too bad their lessons require having Casey the stunt man attach himself to an industrial grade fan and a pair of roller skates. Here's hoping he can avoid slamming his fragile human form into the highway. Then, the engineers take the speed of sound head-on when they recreate the Road Runner's blinding velocity with a rocket sled typically used for missile testing. Why would they do this? So they can try to obliterate it with a cannonball.

  • Model Plane Bomb/Hot Air Balloon Anvil Drop
    First, our Engineers take to the skies by devising a remote-control airplane triggered bomb, using a pile of explosive birdseed as bait. The Coyote had a similar plan, and all it got him was a charred backside. Will the engineers find glory in delivering their airborne payload? Then, it's more perils of aviation as the engineers enlist the aid of a hot air balloon to unload an improbably heavy anvil onto the oblivious target waiting below. That should be easy for a team of New Mexico Tech's most highly trained engineers, right?

  • Steel Plates/Indestructo-Ball
    Two more of Wile E. Coyote's spectacular failures are attempted by the New Mexico Tech engineers. First, the team attempts to recreate the multi-ton laser-trip-wired steel-plate trap that ultimately claimed the Coyote himself as its paper-thin prey. Ideally, the engineers won't be similarly squashed. Then, the team attempts the world-famous Indestructo-Ball stunt, in which they enlist Casey, their trusty stuntman, to strap himself into a rusted-out military-grade metal sphere and hurtle down a mountain to squish his feathered target, hopefully without irreversibly damaging his middle-ear or flying into a bottomless chasm in the process.
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