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Pushing Daisies

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Maybe It's MeMaybe It's Me premiered on WB on October 5, 2001. In the smallest town in the smallest state lives Molly Stages, a 15 year-old just emerging from braces and baby fat into the wonderful world of adolescence. Now that she's ready to blossom, the only thing that may cause her to wilt is her eccentric family. Complete with pop-up graphics to bolster Molly's sardonic narration, the show traces Molly's humorous struggle to find her new place in life while she comes to terms with a well-meaning family. Mom's a penny-pincher. Dad centers life around coaching the girls' soccer team. One older brother is a delinquent. The other is a Christian rocker. And Molly's twin sisters have roles right out of The Demon Seed. Add the possibility of Molly finally getting together with her life-long secret love, Nick, and you have the makings of one slightly neurotic, self-conscious young lady with not-so-average insight.

Reagan Dale Neis
Julia Sweeney
Fred Willard
Andrew Walker
Patrick Levis
Vicki Davis
Daniella Cantermen/Deanna Cantermen
Season 1 (2001-2002)
22 Episodes In Season 1
  1. The Pilot Episode (Original Air Date 10/5/2001)
  2. The Hair Episode (Original Air Date 10/12/2001)
  3. The Cheerleader Episode (Original Air Date 10/19/2001)
  4. The Halloween Episode (Original Air Date 10/26/2001)
  5. The Birthday Episode (Original Air Date 11/2/2001)
  6. The Magic CD Episode (Original Air Date 11/9/2001)
  7. The Mini-Jerry Episode (Original Air Date 11/16/2001)
  8. The Exchange Student Episode (Original Air Date 12/7/2001)
  9. The Lunch Lady Episode (Original Air Date 12/14/2001)
  10. The Romeo & Juliet Episode (Original Air Date 1/11/2002)
  11. The Snow Day Episode (Original Air Date 1/18/2002)
  12. The Lab Partner Episode (Original Air Date 1/25/2002)
  13. The Dutch Heritage Episode (Original Air Date 2/1/2002)
  14. The Fever Episode (Original Air Date 2/15/2002)
  15. The Wedding And A Funeral Episode (Original Air Date 2/22/2002)
  16. The Video Episode (Original Air Date 3/15/2002)
  17. The Baby Episode (Original Air Date 3/22/2002)
  18. The Crazy-Girl Episode (Original Air Date 3/29/2002)
  19. The Rick's In Love (Original Air Date 4/12/2002)
  20. The Quahog Festival Episode (Original Air Date 4/19/2002)
  21. The Prom Episode, Prom 1 (Original Air Date 4/26/2002)
  22. The Prom Episode, Prom 2 (Original Air Date 5/3/2002)
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