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Megadrive EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Jet Truck, Stunt Plane, Log
    Johnny drives the America Thunder jet truck. He takes to the sky in a Stunt Plane and covers the cockpit in puke. Deep in the woods of Maine, Johnny uses a gigantic Log Forwarder to eradicate a toxic forest.

  • Backhoe, S.W.A.T. Tank, Big Bike
    Johnny speeds around in a bulletproof backhoe and sets a new world record. In Georgia he nearly blows up a SWAT vehicle. Then he drives the world's tallest motorcycle and tries to be down with a biker gang.

  • Robot Dolphins Attack!
    Johnny rides a robotic dolphin. He also takes a supercar out for a spin, and nearly totals it.

  • Waking The Beast
    Johnny crashes a swamp buggy in Florida, and the locals are none-too-pleased. He also pilots a fighter jet and checks out a 6-ton mechanical spider.

  • Johnny And The Tank
    Johnny rides an Army tank during a trip to Fort Knox. Later, he operates a forklift and takes a Brimstone Quadracycle out for a spin.

  • Racecar Dentistry
    Johnny fakes his own death in an all-terrain crane. He also takes a ride in a flying hovercraft and crashes the "world's fastest" accelerating car.

  • Pearls Gone Wild
    Johnny heads to Oregon for a ride in a gyroplane. He also takes a spin in a rock crawler and a submarine.
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