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Meteorite Men EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Alpha Site, Kansas
    Geoff and Steve return to their top-secret location in eastern Kansas where a rare pallasite meteorite contains extraordinary gem-quality olivine crystals.

  • Atacama Desert Hidden Gems, Chile
    Thirteen years ago, the Imilac strewnfield was the first place Geoff and Steve hunted together. With over 900 kilograms of meteorites found, Imilac is the third largest pallasite recovered, and one of the only regions littered with space rocks.

  • Monturaqui Crater & San Juan, Chile
    This 1,509 ft in diameter crater is one of the best-preserved meteorite craters on the planet. Measuring 34m deep, the Monturaqui Crater is often compared to the Bonneville Crater on Mars.

  • Utah Fireball
    Using Doppler radar and eyewitness testimony, the Meteorite Men track a strewnfield down to Dugway Military Base. Military officials grant the Geoff and Steve exclusive access to the dangerous ammunition testing grounds to search for peices of the fall.

  • Wisconsin Fireball
    On April 14, 2010, a fireball lit up the night sky. The sonic boom was heard for miles. As perhaps, the most publicized meteorite fall in history, swarms of meteorite hunters flooded the scene in hopes of securing a piece of this famed fireball.

  • Swedish Meteor Balls
    With a terrestrial age estimated at over 800,000 years old, the Muonionalusta meteorites have endured thousands of years worth of glaciations and melting periods.

  • Mundrabilla, Australia
    The Mundrabilla iron meteorites are known for their zoomorphic shapes. 700,000 years ago the massive meteoroid showered along a strewnfield of over 80km long. The largest masses were recovered in 1966 and tipped the scales at 16 tons and 6 tons.

  • Henbury Craters, Australia
    The Henbury Meteorite Craters consist of twelve craters that stretch across central Australia?s outback. This engraved record of an ancient meteorite shower 4,700 years ago was the inspiration for Aboriginal folklore and a shadow of dark superstition.
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