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Joan Knows Best? EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Skintervention
    Melissa stages an intervention to prevent Joan from getting a plastic surgery tune-up.

  • High Times
    Melissa's boyfriend's parents visit, and Joan takes them to Madame Tussauds wax museum and improvises a tour of stars' homes.

  • Picture Imperfect
    Jason upsets Melissa when he skips a photo shoot with the family, which leads to a fight that prompts Joan to intervene.

  • Joan On The Range
    Joan goes camping in Wyoming with Melissa and Cooper.

  • A Very Public Affair
    Joan plans a bar mitzvah for Conrad; Perez Hilton calls Melissa regarding Web rumors about Jason.

  • Joan Pulls A Beaver
    Joan comes to Melissa's aid following her breakup with Jason; Joan tracks down Carol Burnett in a bid to get the actress to host a fund-raiser.

  • East Side Story
    Joan arranges a theater audition for Cooper, unbeknownst to Melissa, which culminates with Joan causing a scene in the casting office and a mother-daughter clash when Melissa finds out.

  • Crossing The Line
    Joan attends sensitivity training with the staff of her jewelry offices ahead of a possible sexual-harassment lawsuit; Joan pitches an outrageous reality show with friend and TalkRadio host Peter Tilden.

  • Birthday Blues
    Joan's 78th birthday brings blues to the comedian when she gets bumped from a talk show for a younger performer. Also: Blogger Perez Hilton expresses an interest in producing a retrospective on her work; Joan's best friend takes her to a tattoo parlor.

  • What Happened In Vegas?
    The gang goes to Las Vegas, where Joan is booked to perform at a major casino and Melissa's assistant renews her wedding vows on her 20th anniversary.
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