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MonsterQuest EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Mega Hog
    Do wild hogs in the United States grow to monstrous sizes? Many think so. In Georgia an 1100 pound hog was shot and killed, and in Texas beasts almost as large have been reported. But are these creatures raised and fattened up in a pen, or are they wild hogs, naturally more aggressive, that have somehow reached gigantic proportions? A MonsterQuest examination meets victims of vicious wild boar attacks, looks at the existing evidence and teams up with hog hunters, researchers and trackers to find a giant.

  • Vampire Beast
    In the fall of 2007, residents of Bolivia, North Carolina started losing pets and farm animals to an unknown creature. Is it the same mystery predator with a taste for blood that preyed on goats and dogs in Bolivia more than 50 years ago? One-part history, one-part science and one part monsters, take a look at legendary creatures around the world.

  • Ghosts
    Visit one of the most haunted houses in America, the Lizzie Borden house, scene of the famous 19th century double murder. Watch as paranormal expert's record bizarre goings on in this house with eight cameras rolling, including the highest resolution infrared camera ever used in a paranormal investigation. Will science and technology finally prove the existence of ghosts?

  • Ohio Grassman
    One-part history, one-part science and one part monsters, take a look at legendary creatures around the world.

  • Giant Killer Snakes
    Head deep into the Venezuela wilderness where there have been sightings of huge man-eating snakes - anaconda. For the first time ever an industrial acoustic sonar camera will be used to search for these monsters. The investigation will also search the Everglades of Florida where pet pythons have escaped and are multiplying and growing to huge sizes, preying on all kinds of animals, even swallowing a full grown alligator in one case. Could a human become their next victim?

  • Super Rats
    Recent archaeological evidence suggests that common rats once grew to massive sizes. Are these huge rodents making a comeback? Claims of huge rat sightings are being reported in startling numbers. Animal experts believe that these mutant rodents are getting bigger and bolder. Journey into the sewers with rat experts and meet witnesses who tell of cat-sized rats that have appetites for just about anything - including human flesh!

  • Black Beast Of Exmoor
    Between 1979 and 1983 over 200 livestock were torn apart on the moors of England. Despite the efforts of armed marines, no predator was ever found and the attacks continue to this day. Eyewitnesses allege that a strange "black beast" is the culprit, but new video evidence could have answers to the mystery. An expedition team interviews the witnesses, analyzes the evidence and attempts to find out what is truly prowling the English countryside.

  • Chupacabra
    In 1995, a beast dubbed "El Chupacabra," spanish for "The Goatsucker," was first sighted and accused of killing and draining the blood of hundreds of farm animals in Puerto Rico. Eyewitnesses describe it as a two-legged reptile-like beast with sharp claws and sharper fangs. But another rash of sightings, and killings, in Texas last year produced eyewitness descriptions of a creature that looked very different. This episode will go on the hunt for the Texas chupacabra. And for first time on television, DNA tests will be performed on evidence from both the Puerto Rico and Texas sightings in effort to scientifically prove just what these mystery beasts could be.

  • Legend Of The Hairy Beast
    Native American legends of a creature resembling a hairy man are explored in an expedition along the Klamath River.

  • Vampires In America
    Legends of vampires in New England that began in the 1700s and persisted for a century are explored.

  • Boneless Horror
    Throughout history there have been sightings of a massive Octopus big enough to attack and sink boats. Could such a creature really exist? Our divers probe the depths of the North Pacific where the world's largest known species of octopus lives. Could these octopuses be a food source for a monster? The investigation will use various underwater camera systems, including a tiny camera small enough to probe inside octopus lairs. Deep waters, rough currents, freezing temperatures and the prospect of encountering a 20-ton boneless horror make this a dangerous expedition.

  • Big Foot In New York
    Accounts of Bigfoot sightings in Whitehall, N.Y., in 1976 are investigated.

  • Gigantic Killer Fish
    Are monster fish lurking in freshwater lakes and rivers? From the Arctic Circle to the amazon, follow an expedition to find the biggest and nastiest giant fresh water fish, from catfish large enough to swallow children whole to trout as large as a boat. Scientists will deploy giant lures and underwater cameras in a search for monster fish.

  • Lake Monsters Of The North
    Join divers, biologists and forensic sketch artists as they team up to search for "Cressie", the mysterious creature allegedly lurking at the bottom of Lake Crescent in New Foundland. Native American legends date back centuries and refer to a "Pond Devil" and a "Swimming Demon". There have been recent sightings by witnesses who describe seeing a strange oversized eel. Discover what the evidence reveals as scientists use the latest hi-tech equipment to get to the bottom of Lake Crescent.

  • Giant Bear Attack
    Are big bears are getting more assertive and aggressive? In pre-historic times, giant bears weighed up to a ton and stalked early man. Listen as witnesses describe horrific bear attacks and take a look at unusual bear remains. The team journeys from Alaska to New Jersey to learn about bear activity and if hybridization or the next step in bear evolution could produce another crop of giant bears?

  • Giant Squid Ambush
    Does a monster of gigantic proportions thrive one thousand feet under the ocean's surface in the Sea of Cortez? Watch video evidence captured in 2006 by our expedition team of what appears to be a giant squid. Although the footage is less than two seconds long, and difficult to analyze, some experts believe that the squid can be as large as one hundred feet in length. Return to the area with our team, equipped with improved technology, to find proof of this legendary sea beast.

  • Monster Spiders
    Join an expedition into the wilderness of South America on the hunt for a monster-sized predatory spider. In the forests of Peru there are reports of spiders big enough to hunt and eat a small dog, and villagers build their huts in such a way as to keep giant spiders out. In 2006 an American soldier in Iraq was photographed with what appeared to be a three foot long arachnid. Watch as experts investigate the validity of these and other strange sightings, and examine man's fear of spiders.

  • Jaws In Illinois
    One of the deadliest predators in the ocean, the Bull Shark, can tolerate fresh water. It can swim hundreds of miles upstream--one strange photo from the 1930s suggests that sharks can even reach Illinois. Come along with our team as they look for proof of sharks in freshwater, uncovering a deadly attack from history, and searching the bayous of Louisiana for predators. Watch as another expedition finds living evidence of a massive beast as big as a Great White Shark in the St. Lawrence River.

  • Real Dragons
    Travel to the Blue Mountains of Australia in search of the huge Megalania lizard that once stalked early man. History tells us that the lizard is long extinct, but there are those who believe Megalania still exists. The Komodo dragon is Megalania's closest living cousin - these giant reptiles can grow to over ten feet long and have a venomous bite. Watch as the team examines recent reports of attacks and even killings by the world's largest known lizards.

  • Sasquatch Attack II
    Something has been attacking a remote cabin in Northern Ontario, Canada - it may have left behind a blood trail. DNA analysis suggests that the creature is a non-human primate. A follow up test will confirm or deny this, and the results could change history. Meanwhile, a new expedition, outfitted with the most advanced surveillance and detection equipment, will set up camp at the cabin and wait for the creature's imminent return. Scientists will be brought in to tell viewers what the evidence reveals.
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