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The Marriage Ref EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Jerry Seinfeld, Kelly Ripa, Alec Baldwin
    A wife grows frustrated with her husband's obsession for growing giant pumpkins, a husband thinks his mother-in-law's visits are too long, and a husband embarrasses his wife with his betting.

  • Regis Philbin, Tracy Morgan, Susie Essman
    A wife hates the 19th century tavern her husband has in their home, a husband wants his wife to dress sexier, and a husband thinks his wife buys too many ponytails.

  • Kathy Griffin, Ellen Pompeo, Brian Regan
    A wife wants her husband's scrap metal pile out of their front yard, a husband wants his wife to stop spending money on her dollhouse, and a wife wants her husband to stop talking to strangers.

  • Seth Meyers, Denise Richards, George Wallace
    A husband loves the twin bed he shares with his wife while she favors getting a bigger bed, a wife tires of her husband posting signs around the house to get her to be cleaner, and a wife wants her husband to embrace the holistic lifestyle.

  • Lauren Graham, Colin Quinn, Mary J. Blige
    A wife wants her husband to come shopping with her while he prefers to shop with his buddy, a husband and wife disagree on what constitutes a thoughtful gift, and a husband thinks his wife's accent pillows are becoming a hazard.

  • J.B. Smoove, Larry Miller and Rachael Ray
    An annoyed wife begs her husband to quit his habit of chewing on the television remote, a couple find themselves at odds over how many kitchen gadgets are appropriate to keep around, and a husband says he needs his wife to work at his cigar bar even though she doesn't want to.

  • Cedric The Entertainer, Rachel Dratch, Joel McHale
    Cedric the Entertainer, Joel McHale and Rachel Dratch join host Tom Papa to hear out the latest in marital spats. A husband is annoyed by the continuous growth of his wife's wardrobe, a couple argues about a husband's obsessive conservation of food, and a husband thinks his wife sends out too many greeting cards..

  • Judah Friedlander, Ali Wentworth, Will.i.am
    A wife redecorates the house while her husband is at work, a husband wants to buy a vineyard while his wife prefers he continue to practice medicine, and a husband's passion for fantasy football leaves his wife lonely on Sundays.

  • Nick Cannon, Caroline Rhea, Jim Breuer
    A husband believes his wife devotes too much attention to Oprah, a wife disapproves of her husband's alias, and a husband wants his wife to tone down her passion for football.

  • Bill Maher, Patti Labelle, Ali Wentworth
    A husband and wife disagree on how their daughter should wear her hair, a husband wants his wife to stop traveling without him, and a wife wants her husband to get a real job.
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