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My Ghost Story EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Episode 1
    An entity jumps into a woman's bed and lies down beside her; two sisters' ghosts roam a Civil War-era house; a castle built on an old Indian burial ground is haunted by its original owner; visitors at a bed and breakfast capture the image of a murderous ghost; and a punk musician has a hair-raising experience at a hospital of horrors - and has the terrifying photos to prove it.

  • Episode 2
    A man and his girlfriend dream of owning their own "haunted attraction," but end up owning an actual haunted house; the ghostly voice of a passenger who died in a plane crash is heard in a chilling recording; video evidence proves that an Indiana bar is haunted; a secretary doesn't believe the rumors that her office building is haunted until strange happenings force her to flee one eerie night; and a dog meets a ghost boy at the historic Andrew Woods house in Pennsylvania.

  • Episode 3
    A phantom breaches security at a South Carolina government building; a pipe-smoking ghost haunts a lighthouse; a son killed in a car accident makes his presence known to his grieving mother; a demon attacks guests at a Texas house, leaving scratch marks across their bodies; visitors to a restaurant restroom encounter a strange force strong enough to make grown men cry; and a woman in Minnesota captures haunting photos and unbelievable video of the spirits in her home.

  • Episode 4
    A cemetery that's home to 80,000 dead souls becomes a "ghost magnet"; a family discovers that their new home is filled with the sounds of strange footsteps and whispered conversations; after a woman comes face-to-face with an apparition at her Kentucky farm, she sets to videotape her new ghostly friend; the spirits of children happily haunt an inn, playing pranks and giggling out loud; and angry entities force a couple out of their home.

  • Episode 5
    The ghostly antics of two young boys killed at Christmastime in 1964 are captured on video; the tortured souls of a sanitarium haunt a California house; chilling photos and recordings document intense paranormal activity at a railroad near the site of the Battle of Gettysburg; there's a real "phantom of the opera house" in Kentucky; and the ghost of a woman peers forever out a window in hopes that she'll see her lover come for her.

  • Episode 6
    A violent ghost stabs a man in Tombstone, Ariz.; the spirit of a jealous wife haunts her husband and his girlfriend; a woman takes a photo of a smiling ghost; and a spirit haunts a New York City bar.

  • Episode 7
    A man encounters poltergeists; a woman communicates with a dozen spirits; ghosts chase a man from his home; a couple captures photos of a ghost; and two friends see the ghost of a Civil War soldier.

  • Episode 8
    An old schoolhouse is haunted by the spirits of former teachers and students; a man contemplating suicide is helped by a supernatural force; and two women contact apparitions at a haunted castle.

  • Episode 9
    A terrifying seven-foot-tall shadow figure named "Mr. Black" haunts an abandoned hospital; a building is haunted by the spirit of a man whose head was severed by the building's freight elevator; a disfigured demon keeps things spooky at an Irish pub; tour guides reveal amazing photos of apparitions at the Underground Tunnel in Portland, Ore., where many atrocities were committed; and a woman hears audio recordings of her dead parents.

  • Episode 10
    An investigative team shoots video of an orb coming out of the wall at a haunted house where a baby was scalded to death; a man captures the voices and photographs of ghosts at a house haunted by a Roman Catholic bishop; a couple is terrorized by entities after building their dream house; a vacationing family searches for ghostly activity; and the spirit of a lovelorn woman who committed suicide wanders the halls of a Georgia inn.
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