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Nextworld EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Future Life On Earth
    Learn about the technologies that will usher in a whole new way of life: we will live in floating cities, fly to work and travel in cars capable of operating underwater. And, with new technologies, humanity will find new ways of protecting and conserving resources to meet the needs of a growing population by using renewable sources of water, food and electricity. The era of smog-filled skies will be over, because fewer of us will be driving cars. Where we're going, we won't need roads. We'll be piloting environmentally friendly personal vehicles between cities and under the seas. And the good news is we'll never be lost, thanks to new advances in GPS-driven virtual mapping. Then again, with the ability to teleport our presence anywhere on Earth, we might not have to travel at all. And, best of all, we'll all have more time to enjoy the astounding advances of our near future, because we'll all be living longer. A lot longer.

  • Future Intelligence
    Catch a first-time glimpse at smart technology that will put android helpers in the home, network commuters and entire cities to the Web, and bring us entertainment systems that can virtually make dreams come true. Advances in artificial intelligence are creating machines with near human-like mental agility. Intelligence will be embedded everywhere - even in our clothing, thanks to smaller, more powerful computers.

  • Future Cars
    Get in the driver seat of the fastest, smartest and most high-performance cars of tomorrow. See the supercars that will reach speeds unimaginable with today's technology. They will operate on voice command and drive without a drop of gas.

  • Extreme Tomorrow
    Venture to the farthest edges of science, where invisibility, teleportation and super-strength will give us seemingly impossible powers and capabilities.

  • Future Flight
    What's in store for future air travel? This episode reveals the latest in secret military aircraft, shape-shifting planes, craft with self-healing wings and a future in which just about every one of us has a personal airplane.

  • Future Ships
    If you think you've already seen every way a boat can move across the water, think again. Future Ships goes inside invisible aircraft carriers, mega-yachts, personal submarines and craft capable of changing appearance on the high seas.

  • Future Metro
    Go inside the networked intelligence of tomorrow's urban transportation systems. We'll examine personal rapid transit, stackable cars and underground automated highways.
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