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Pushing Daisies

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Night EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Humboldt Squid
    Brandon and Scott Cassell, a squid expert, get caught in a Humboldt squid feeding frenzy.

  • Leopards
    Brandon sets out into the Kenyan veldt at night to witness one of nature's rarest sights: a leopard protecting its kill.

  • Hyenas
    Brandon and hyena expert Kate Shaw witness hyenas giving chase to a herd of wildebeest. It isn't long before the animals separate a young wildebeest from the herd and devour it.

  • Bats
    Brandon captures a vampire bat and examines its unique nocturnal traits.

  • Fer-De-Lance
    Brandon heads deep into the amazon jungle at night in search of one of the deadliest snakes in the world, the fer-de-lance.

  • Lions
    Brandon ventures out at night in Kenya to witness a lion pride on the hunt.

  • Hippos
    Brandon seeks to delve deeper into the aggressive nighttime activities of an animal most consider harmless: the hippo.

  • Night Monkeys
    In the deep jungle of Peru, Brandon meets up with night monkey expert Ricardo Sanchez to try and find the rare creatures.

  • Sharks
    Brandon heads out to the Bermuda Triangle where he dives amongst a feeding frenzy of vicious lemon sharks at night.

  • Puff Adder
    Brandon searches for the puff adder at night in hopes to obtain its venom for herpetologist Royjan Taylor.

  • Crocs
    Brandon sets off into the Florida everglades to find one of the world's most important predators, the American crocodile.

  • Coyote
    Setting up a vantage point high over a creek in the Sonoran desert, Brandon waits until the dead of night to see a coyote in its natural habitat.

  • Migration
    Brandon comes to Africa to witness the Great Migration and how the wildebeest herds survive at night.

  • Buffalo
    Hoping to witness the defensive behavior of a buffalo herd, Brandon heads out into the sweeping savannahs of Kenya.

  • Red Wolves
    Brandon ventures into North Carolina's outer banks, the only place in the word to see the mysterious red wolf in the wild.

  • Caiman
    The rivers o the Peruvian jungle play host to Brandon as he searches for the elusive black caiman, one of the areas most aggressive predators.

  • Elephant
    Brandon ventures out into the Kenyan veldt to investigate the behavior of African elephants after dark.

  • Rhino
    Brandon barely manages to escape the horns of an angry rhino on his journey find the endangered animal at night.

  • Panther
    Brandon journeys into the Florida everglades on a quest to find the Florida panther, a creature so elusive it has never been filmed at night.
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